Not Your Mother’s

To some, designer candles and luxury home fragrance are a need rather than a want, being part of the personal brand story that one wants to exclaim to the world or a way to set the tone and messaging (whatever that may be) through scent. Like a drug, once you are hooked, the addiction to luxury candles escalates. After dipping your toe in, most likely with Dyptique or Le Labo, their prices are just hop skip and a jump to justification. And there is never any buyer’s remorse.- candles are the gift that keep on giving. That is, until they burn out and you flounder for your next hit.

For the candle connoisseurs who don’t want just any candle on their coffee table, we rounded up some delicious options pushing the envelope in both name and nose.

By Lauren Walker-Lee


Overose Nudesse $58


Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous $132

Boy Smells Purple Kush $32


Byredo Loose Lips $85



Goop x Heretic This Smells Like My Vagina $75


Written on: February 18, 2020