Everytime I see something that looks relatively new on my Instagram feed whether it’s food related or not (let’s be honest it’s mostly food), I just need to try it for myself and see what the buzz is about. It’s always in the spirit of giving my skin and my mind a health boost, of course. This time I’ve decided to put my guilty pleasure to good use and share what I’ve discovered and enjoyed lately to hopefully inspire some of you and make me feel less weird about being such a trend junky.



I don’t know what it is with French skincare but there’s something about it that just sounds so luxurious. Make it chemical-free and you’ve got yourself a spot on my must-try list. That’s how Bioxidea got on my radar, just a quick look at their Instagram will convince you of their popularity amongst models and beauty gurus. If it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for me, right?

I wanted to see if this was the solution for glowy, flawless skin, as it appears to be. I’ve been following a strict skincare routine for more than 10 days now and can honestly say that I’ve seen a major difference in the way my skin looks. I have to give an honourable mention to the multi-emulsion moisturizer; it literally feels like I’m smothering silk all over my face. The toning and firming proprieties that it promises is definitely not a lie, thumbs up!


Midi Lunch

This new start up caught my attention one Monday as they advertised their healthy plant-based bowl of the day on Instagram. Needless to say, the following Monday, I had a carton of their food on my desk waiting to be devoured, just after I snapped a quick shot for Instagram. Their concept is like no other and really offers something new to the Montreal catering scene.

They prepare everything with fresh ingredients on the same day as they deliver, and its all prepared by local Chefs. They are in business Monday to Friday and offers diverse meals such as salmon teriyaki with wild rice and a balsamic chicken bowl, with a vegetarian option every Monday. If you’re tired of ordering the same old sushi platter, set up a date with Midi Lunch in your lobby and enjoy some freshly cooked meals instead.


Little Life Box

The principle of a subscription box is simple; in exchange for a monthly payment, you receive a box filled with mixed goodies, allowing you to discover and try a variety of products you’re interested in. Whether you’re a fashionista, a beauty addict or a compulsive snacker, there’s a box out there for you, and Little Life Box was the one for me. I got the ‘’gift box’’ which includes their most popular items from local artisans to more popular brands.

As a lifestyle writer you can bet that a box containing healthy protein bars, fair trade tamarin, and a natural sunscreen would be suitable for me. I’ve always been reluctant to subscribe to one of these services assuming half the box’s contents would be unappealing to me. They certainly picked their collaborators wisely as I was honestly excited about every single item, all of them corresponding perfectly to my needs and field of interest.

We all have that one person in our life that gives us so much trouble when their birthday comes around, and this is the solution to impress every privileged friend or family member that seems to have it all. My favorite part about it? You can choose between the regular box or the vegan box, which contain enough food to keep you healthy and satisfied. It’s a thoughtful gift and $30 well spent!



Jus Pur Mixilogy line

I’ve known about Jus Pur for a while now and have enjoyed some of their fresh-pressed juices in the past, but when I heard about their new mixology line, it was time for a quick visit to their shop in outremont. I mean, I’m a fervent advocate of healthy eating and I’ve come to master it with time, but healthy drinking is a different story. I like to enjoy a few drinks when I go out with friends but I always struggle when the time comes to order and often feel guilty by the end of the night.

All that sugar and empty calories are sneaky and might seem harmless but your body won’t miss it. With my birthday approaching, I knew celebrations were inevitable and that some booze sipping would be happening. As I like to practice what I preach, I got my hands on the new juices made specifically for mixing with alcohol. Every bar that I frequent needs to carry this line, or I’ll just continue to carry my bottle of juice in my purse. Either way, I am now a healthy drinker and strongly suggest you make the switch as well!