Once a novelty, wearable technology is now at the peak of a all time popularity and may be on its way to becoming a everyday item.

The market for wearable technology is expanding maybe even on the verge of spilling over, yet with summer ending and the world preparing itself for the holiday season, the new smart bracelet project that Intel and Opening Ceremony announced earlier on in the year is finally unveiled. The need for style to match substance is what needs to be thought through when coming up with a product many women would actually want to wear, and it seems that this new smart bracelet may be on its way there. “When you wear this, it looks like you have a piece of jewelry on,” Humberto Leon, Opening Ceremony’s cofounder and creative director, tells Fast Company.
“Normal passersby will not even think this is a [smart] device.” The MICA (short for My Intelligent Communication Accessory) features a curved 1.6 inch sapphire touch screen decorated in two versions one of which is made of black snakeskin with pearls and lapis stones originated from China and the other, white snakeskin with tiger’s eye from South Africa and Obsidian from Russia. While it displays notifications and alerts, unlike other smart technology bracelets out there, the MICA is not meant to be a fitness band. The details of the product still lie shrouded behind a veil of question marks, but a certainty is that the price point will be under $1000 towards the $500 price range.

Written on: September 8, 2014