Captured by the lens of American fashion photographer Steven Meisel, the series of black and white campaign photographs depict a serene yet haunting ad campaign featuring Prada’s 2015 resort collection.

In comparison to past Prada ads this recent contrast of black and white is a refreshing take on resort campaign ads. Featuring fresh faces Adrienne Juliger, Ine Neefs, and Moya Mardy, with a piercing gaze that sees right through you while their stolid poses seem to suggest as if they were frozen in a certain century in time. In advantage to the lack of colour, Prada’s resort collection photographs beautifully against a black and white forest backdrop, suggesting that the collection like the ad itself is simple and uncomplicated like a still shot moment unbound by the limitations of time. Shot on location at Alder Manor in New York, this Italian fashion house’s resort ad is the definition of a haunting beauty.

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