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The myriad of options, from lengthening to lifting, make the selection of mascara an endless task. Discover the best & boldest formulas tested by our trusted beauty expert.

Photographer Carlos & Alyse
Text and Beauty Direction by Sabrina Rinaldi

Women are always on the hunt for the next best mascara. Mascara is akin to lipstick, wherein a new tube can easily elevate your mood and brighten up your face. The market supports this desire with brands constantly churning out new formulas with new wands. Read on as I try some of the popular brands on the market today.

brand mascaras

model putting on mascara

brand mascaras

Photographer Photography Carlose & Alyse at RODEO PRODUCTION
Beauty Director Sabrina Rinaldi at using NARS COSMETICS

Written on: September 18, 2019