“ic! berlin lives. I live. The glasses live. The choir lives. The kitchen lives. The toilet lives, production lives – live. That includes a broad field. As a company we survive, when making glasses that are being bought. That’s a simple fact. It’s not about making shareholders rich. I, as the owner of ic! berlin am rich because of my kids, my talents, my company. That’s it.“ – Ralph Anderl


Ralph Anderl is a man with a vision, a vision viewed through the lenses of his screw-less eyeglasses. Simple, minimal, and beautiful, his company ic!berlin offers a wide selection of eyewear in every style imaginable. DresstoKill had the opportunity to speak with founder Ralph Anderl about his company and the philosophy behind ic! berlin.


“To manufacture something, to own something that is more than the sum of its parts, not spit out off handless machines with no history of distant worlds. The Near, understandable, tangible. Manufactured with hands in our own production – by human beings. That is were the journey goes. A revolution: from back to front! From the Middle Ages to the post-industrial world of manufactured products. ic! berlin ready-made glasses – in our own manufacture, in Berlin, by human beings. Valuables for eyes on noses. Without breaking points. ic! berlin glasses remain for a lifetime.” – Ralph Anderl





DTK: How did you feel when you had the idea to enter the eyewear market with ic! berlin as your brand?

RALPH: I was shocked and thrilled that it all worked out like I hoped it would!

DTK: If you could describe your brand using only letters from your name, what would the descriptive words be?

RALPH: Radical, Alternative, Luxury, Phantastic, Hot = RALPH

DTK: It’s no secret that ic! berlin glasses do not break. However, normal glasses have the vulnerability of becoming loose due to overwear, does that problem occur with ic! berlin’s screw-less glasses?

RALPH: No it does not!

DTK: “Eight black diamonds set into a handmade frame. One of twelve in the world. You won’t find it in a boutique, you won’t find it in an optician, you won’t find it – it will find you.” share with us the meaning behind the #diamondsharing project, and why you choose 12 as the magic number.

RALPH: It is better to give than to take. In modern times we have everything – so what makes us happy? To give and to share! twelve is a sacred number, so it fits perfectly!





DTK: ic! berlin previously teamed up with womenswear designer David Tomaszewski as well as photographer and filmmaker Lyle Owerko to design eyewear collections. What has that process been like for you working with other artists in different fields of work?

RALPH: Inspiration! people from outside do not have the “inside-the-box-blindness”. These people come up with ideas we do not see.





DTK: You claim to have predicted your own future, stating you will become President of the Bundesrepublik of Deutschland from 2034 to 2044. You also predicted your death through suffocation due to sharp fish bones at a dinner with the fish importers association of Iceland, in Berlin-Marzahn on July 17th, 2063. What does the future look like for ic! berlin from your own predictions?

RALPH: A long term company owned by a foundation after my death. That is my dream and destiny!

DTK: What are some of your favourite places to visit in Berlin that not many people know about?

RALPH: Due forni – an Italian rock’n roll restaurant next to our office! It’s pure and simple and very high quality…like ic! berlin.





To see the extensive list of glasses that are available in stock head over to ic! berlins website here. If you’re looking to tour ic! berlin’s headquarters, arrangements can be made here.



Photos courtesy of ic! berlin


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