Photographer Malina Corpandean
Creative Director Sylvain Blais
Art Director Atelier Vingt Quatre
Stylist Emmanuelle Rochon
Makeup Nicolas Blanchet
Hair Olivier Miotto

By Nicolas Blanchet

On a fresh and clean face, apply a thin layer of the Prima Glow-On Moisturizing Balm to hydrate the skin, leaving it with the luminous Armani signature finish.

For the model, we used equal parts #0.5 and #5.5 of the Face Fabric Foundation, but you’ll be able to find your perfect complexion match of this great foundation. Gently apply it from the centre of the face and then fade to the limits of the hair line, chin, and ears.

Next, we need to make sure that any dark undereye circles have been effectively hidden, with the quick and easy applicator of the miraculous High Precision Retouch (we used #02). Just use the tip of your finger to dab the skin to get the perfect blending.

Our model has great base eyebrows, so we just had to fill in little holes here and there with the more-than-skinny High Precision Brow Pencil #01.

Your base is finally ready! Next, start to enhance the eye by applying a fine layer of the Eye Tint Eyeshadow #11. This will be the base and principal colour of the eyelids.

Dipping the crease brush in the Eye Tint Eyeshadow in Camel Smoke #23, apply it to the crease, gently following the angle of the bone. Then, with the help of a blending brush, create a light fade between the two. For this look, we kept the crease bold for a chic look.

The next step is the most important – the Eyes To Kill Classico Mascara in Black. In this case, more is better.

After finishing the eyes, use the fabulous and luxurious lips collection line, with two different textures of lipstick. First, apply on the entire lip, the Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick #401. There is no need to use a different brush – the applicator is the perfect tool. Here’s a secret tip: let the first coat dry and then apply a second one, and slowly you can create a faded lip contour.

With the base coats, then take the Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick #301 (Gio). Apply it generously to the middle of the lip to accentuate the beautiful curve and to enhance the colour of the first lipstick.

To finish the look, give yourself the perfect amount of cheek colour. A good trick is to use your blush at the end of the process. It will help you to not look too ‘made-up.’ With little circular movements on the apples of the cheeks, create a flush with a little of the very natural Fluid Sheer #5.

Photographer Malina Corpandean at JUDY INC.
Assistant Photographer Calope
Creative Director Sylvain Blais
Art Direction and Retouching Atelier Vingt Quatre
Stylist Emmanuelle Rochon
Makeup Nicolas Blanchet at FOLIO
Hair Olivier Miotto at GLAM
Model Anne-Claire at EMA MODELS


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