Reformation is Opening a Store in Yorkdale

America’s hottest sustainable brand has finally crossed the border. Reformation’s tagline reads: being naked is the number one most sustainable option. We’re number two. A bold statement, but one that is well supported. The popular brand, founded in 2009 by model Yael Aflalo, ethically manufactures impeccable designs to release trendy collections twice a week. They maintain green business practices in every aspect, from using eco fabrics to compostable packaging and low-impact retail locations. Sustainable fast fashion? Yep, they did that.

By Jane Bradshaw

After amassing a global fanbase, they are finally setting up shop in Toronto’s Yorkdale mall. Although you can currently shop the effortlessly feminine styles at Nordstrom, the stand-alone store is an exciting new development for Canadian fans. The 1,650 sq ft space sits in the mall’s new wing, anchored by Nordstrom.

The sustainable meets sexy brand exudes Cali vibes, with flowy dresses, figure flattering cuts, and pretty prints. The design process end to end is about 45 days, ensuring that the latest trends are at the forefront of their offerings. Reformation has recently added footwear and a permanent collection of larger sizes (now the range is 00-24) to its roster.

They are able to achieve remarkable sustainability through admirable diligence. As fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, Reformation places sustainability at the core of their business.
“The secret weapon is our sourcing – we make our pieces from super sustainable materials like Tencel, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. We make our clothes in our own factory and partner factories in Los Angeles and around the world, ensuring not only quality but sustainability and ethics are upheld.” The brand describes in a statement.

As a previous customer, I can attest to the quality of their clothes and the comfortability of the fabrics. Wear after wear, my dress still feels as silky smooth as the day I bought it. It’s one of the pieces I believe I can wear for many years to come – a true testament to their design abilities.

The company is completely carbon, waste, and water neutral. But they don’t stop there – they release quarterly sustainability reports to hold themselves accountable and educate their customers on individual impacts through the in-house developed RefScale, which tracks the environmental savings of every purchase. The factory, known as the first sustainable apparel factory in LA, uses efficient, eco-friendly, and pro-social technologies powered by renewable energies. Waste and water use are as minimal as possible, and every item in the factory, right down to the cleaning supplies and coffee, has to meet environmental purchasing standards.

You can expect the Toronto store to be just as conscious. With their current brick and mortar locations, they have completely reimagined the retail experience. The interior will incorporate low VOC paints, LED fixtures, recycled fabric insulation and reusable totes and hangers.

Lines between digital and physical shopping have been blurred to ensure a seamless visit. Saw something you liked online? Just bring it up on a touchscreen and it will magically send the item directly to the fitting room for you. It’s really that innovative – we can’t make this stuff up.

If you like the company and want to support their efforts more, they have a “Climate Credit” program to release any guilt you may hold about your lifestyle. By purchasing these credits, your money goes towards directly supporting Gold Standard verified projects which invest in clean energy and carbon reduction around the globe. They have options like “International Flight” or “Average Wedding” to wager the amount of carbon offset your lifestyle requires.

The official launch date is still under wraps, but we know the grand opening will take place this summer. Supermodels like Kendall Jenner to mega-multihyphenates like Rihanna and Karlie Kloss are all fans, so we can expect a string of local superstar clientele flocking to the new address. Given it’s eco-messaging, innovative technology, and beautiful stock of clothes, there’s no doubt Reformation will be a hit.  



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Written on: September 12, 2019