Great news!

No more schlepping to brunch in search of getting your bottomless mimosas and boring avocado toast. We’ve rounded up some new locals that offer innovative formulas that will surely excite your senses and might very well, blow your mind.


Cover photo: Liam Watson

Fiorellino Snackbar

At Fiorellino, there are no rules that say that you can’t start your day with a pizza, especially when it’s that delicious. In fact, one of their brunch options, the Pizza Carbonara, is a festival of awesomeness topped with runny egg yolk. If your heart and stomach belong to the sweet side, you’ll be happy to know that they also serve pancakes (with Amaro butter), Nutella and apricot bomboloni, along with and French toast made with panettone (Italian sweet bread).

Every meal is fresh, with well balanced flavours and the right textures (because who wants mushy pancakes), leaving you satiated but excited at the thought of coming back very soon.


Thanks to the opening of Well Restaurant (the abbreviated name taken after the street where it’s located, Wellington) over a year ago, people might start to finally realize that Verdun is on the verge of becoming a foodie paradise. The place is a friendly and welcoming restaurant, offering both comforting and perfectly plated food. Well delivers the classic brunch options with upscale twists like bone marrow with eggs, fried chicken sandwich with avocado and a fried egg on top (called the Pablo) , ricotta pancakes with bacon, bacon (or pulled pork) and eggs breakfast poutine, smoothies and a few alcoholic beverages.

The trendy-looking bright SHARP sign in one corner is almost begging you to snap a photo for your feed, while you wait for your plate. The sporadic green plants peaking out a little bit everywhere in the restaurant add a lively element to the minimalist decor of the place.



Montreal has some serious awesome choices when it comes to vegan brunch options, and now you can add LOV to the list. Since April 4, the healthy restaurant with locations in Montreal and Laval is offering new gourmet and colourful recipes without any trace of animal product. Arancini, steam bun, Asian salad, poke, lasagna, meatless Cheeseburger and much more are to expect at the LOV 2.0.

To add to the excitement, they will also open a new brunch in Quartier DIX30 over the summer, bringing their vegan gourmet options to the south shore.

Su Restaurant


Not your traditional brunch per se, the one offered at Su will make you travel to Turkey with its tasty dishes. Or it will simply satisfy your infinite brunch craving, which is basically all you are asking for after all.

Making a choice amongst the many morning offerings proved can be difficult so we strongly suggest you order the tasting board with, among other things, nuts and dried fruits, homemade jams and warm bread or baked potato with beef sausage, veggies, kasseri and poached eggs. If you’re looking for a different kind of brunch, one that will transport you to the Turkish coast and make you to discover and perhaps fall in new cuisine, then head to Su without thinking twice.