Yes, I survived New York Fashion Week.

Which means a lot coming from a girl who prefers spending her days in ripped jeans and Converse than running from one show to another in a dress so tight her knees can’t move. Don’t misunderstand me, I totally enjoyed my time and saw so many fabulous things and people that my mind is filled with glamorous images to last the next year, but I am not sure I will try the experience again anytime soon.

Still, I am sure you are curious to know what happens once you step inside the pit for the Fashion Hunger Games. Here is my summary of the week, American-sized coffee and feet blisters not included.


September 9th and 10th

Not even 10 hours after arriving in the city that never sleeps, I put on my leather boots and layers of black clothing, ready to walk in the city looking like the most badass version of myself. Holy guacamole! Outside, it feels like someone asked the sun to hang out on planet earth for the day and I can almost see smoke coming from the concrete on the street.

I arrive at Club Monaco‘s first ever New York Fashion Week presentation at the Grand Central Station Terminal with half my face still in place. What I discover once I arrive inside the Vanderbilt Hall is something that looks more like a trendy food market than your regular fashion happening. While looking at the clothes from the brand’s Fall 16 collection – lots of velvet and stunning oversized coats – you can fill up your recyclable shopping bag – branded Club Monaco, of course – with products from Milk Bar, La Colombe and Gjusta.

The day after, it’s Lacoste‘s turn to dazzle our eyes with its Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Inspired by his recent vacation on Brazil’s Bahia coast, Felipe Oliveira Baptista – the artistic director of the brand – delivers a vibrant collection showcasing tropical colours and oversized sport silhouettes. I almost faint in my seat – euh pardon, my front row seat – when I see my ultimate girl crush Julia Nobis walking in front of me.


September 12th and 13th

There are worse ways to start your day than having an appointment at Chanel to discover their latest Haute Couture collection. As the door of the elevator opens to unveil the press showroom, my heart skips a beat at the view of the sumptuous gowns. In front of me is the absolute dream of every fashionista who is old enough to know how to spell the name of the French fashion house. I am seriously thinking of hiding somewhere to never leave this magical fashion land.

I always think I don’t have a taste for the luxurious life until I end up drinking champagne in a posh hotel on Madison Avenue before 12pm. Tuesday, it’s cosmetics brand Valmont‘s turn to impress me with the launch of their new detox face cream at their Spa inside Plaza Athénée. Made with oxygenating complex, it helps the regeneration of the skin cells work faster. Think about it as a youth elixir in a jar, but less extreme than the Bathory Countess‘s way.


September 14th

Another highlight of the week is definitely the Hugo Boss fashion show, which takes place in an industrial loft in Soho. While trying to cross my legs in a fashionable way like the pros – remember, I haven’t mastered the art of the tight dress yet – I spy supermodel Karlie Kloss hanging out in the front row with her fashion mafia. Regarding the collection, it’s a festival of printed pleated dresses and suits ready to keep you in style from the office to the hottest party in town. Like a kid excited to play with fabrics, Jason Wu masters the organza and wool gauze and turns them into coveted items of clothing.

See you next season New York! Wait, you seriously thought I was done with Fashion Week? Naaah!

All photos: Instagram marie_v23


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