Wellness Roundup:

Wellness is more than a buzzword. Today, the multi-trillion dollar industry goes way beyond the norm of consumer beauty products or the nutritional supplements of our traditional consciousness, expanding both the industry (and our thinking) to include categories like wellness tourism, the spa economy, wellness real estate, and complimentary medicine. The ‘mind body spirit’ connection and living optimally is firmly installed in the zeitgeist. What was once seen as a very west coast sensibility is now a global phenomenon and #selfcaresundays is not only reserved for Sundays.

By Lauren Walker-Lee

From niche fitness classes and meditation apps, to vitamin shots and the explosion of CBD products, everyone’s recipe for self-care and a healthy lifestyle is unique. With no shortage of options, finding out what soothes the body and soul is a journey for the senses.

Here, we ask a few of our friends what they do for fitness and recovery and what tops their self-care list.

“I work out regularly, and after a day on set or in meetings, I usually make it to the gym in the late afternoon or evenings. At that point I love to meet up with friends for a drink to unwind afterwards. It’s my time to socialize and keep my life balanced with my work in the fashion industry. I have begun reading about CBD products like CBD infused tea and am looking to introduce that to my routine.”  – Paul Mason, Model & Fashion Santa

“My favourite way to recover from physical fitness is to soothe my body and my mind mindfully. After an intense work out, I love to take “Grow”  (a class at Hoame), which incorporates dynamic stretches, hands on adjustments, and the use of props to help lengthen and release. Followed by a 60 minute session in our salt-cave. The Himalayan salt in the cave provides the perfect anti inflammatory and anti microbial environment to zen out. Pair this with a meditation on our noise cancelling headset for ultimate relaxation!” – Carolyn, Founder of Hoame Meditation Studio

“For me, my fitness is running on the beach in the morning, so my actual self-care is running by the ocean. It helps my mental health tremendously , but in terms of my recovery,  I try and get regular messages which help so much. – Erin Cotter SVP of Beauty at Goop

“To cultivate a sustainable and enjoyable fitness regime, I strongly believe in taking a holistic approach to strengthening your body as well as your mind. Post-workout recovery and overall self-care play a big role for me. By taking care of myself properly I’m able to establish an awareness of the mind and body connection, and how my body is reacting to the form of exercise I’m enduring.  What I love the most about Lagree is how slow we move in the exercises. This forces me to tap into my mind and body connection and really feel the muscle groups that are being worked. With that being said, the slow pace of the workout can result in increased muscle soreness and fatigue on the days following the workout. To aid in my recovery process I love foam rolling to release my muscles, salt baths with CBD bath bombs and making sure I am fuelling my body with whole food, plant-based nutrition.”  – Kaila McManus, Lead Trainer, at Studio Lagree

To get your own self-care  into place, here are some product recommendations for the ultimate self-care routine.


Take CBD to the tub with Life Elements CBD Infused Bath Bomb $18 from Fleur Marche


Make an at-home spa experience with Goop’s G-Tox Bath Salts $45 at GeeBeauty


Unwind with a massage and Turkish bath experience at the Hamman Spa in Toronto by Cela




Drink up with Everie’s CBD Tea Bags $19  at 420 



Zen out at the salt cave at Toronto’s Hoame




The Apothecanna by 48North Body Creme works to combat sore muscles and harnesses the powers of  Cannabis grown outdoors, and also includes all-natural ingredients like juniper, arnica, and peppermint. For targeted relief and balancing of the senses with natural ingredients.



Vancouver’s Fig Face offers quick easy vitamin shots ($35 per unit) as well as 30 minute facials for those leading a busy lifestyle but who won’t compromise on ‘me time.’


For more self-care and wellness tips, check our our Sport and Wellness section.

Written on: March 3, 2020