The Best Spirits to

Finding that perfect gift for friends and family can prove to be a difficult task. But for those of us that imbibe, a nice bottle of booze is a classy and pleasing way to go. There are so many different options available in all categories of spirits—tequila, rum, cognac, and whisky- from around the world. From limited releases to special packaging to a new expression from a storied distillery, there’s something to please everyone’s palate.

—By Marie-Ève Venne

Grove 42 – $45

Seedlip is a brand that non-alcoholic distilled spirits made with natural botanical ingredients, in addition to being sugar-free, calorie-free and allergen-free. Acidulous, juicy and stimulating, this spirit with strong citrus notes is composed of bitter orange, tangerine and blood orange. Supported by fresh ginger and lemongrass flavors, it also offers a dry and peppery finish. This is a thoughtful gift for that one person who often feels put aside during cocktail hour.

Dry Gin – $77.75

This spirit pays homage to the monkey of British captain Montgomery Collins, on duty in Berlin at the end of World War II. The number 47 is a reference to the number of plants and aromatics that make up the bouquet of this small-batch produced gin. Ample and heady, the mouth reveals sustained accents of cinnamon and flowers along with notes of lemon, anise and herbs. Give this bottle to the cheekiest person in your entourage.

Gold Bottle – $69.50

Hennessy brings the holiday season to life with this special Hennessy V.S gold bottle. Hennessy VS is an expression of expertise and consistency, centuries in the making. Intense character and full-bodied flavours of toasted almond, fresh grapes, and citrus zest make this ideal served neat or in a cocktail. Buy it for the person who is the main character of their own life and knows that all that glitters is gold.

Blanc de Blancs – $133.50

Made entirely from Premier Cru grapes, it’s light and ethereal, with aromas of apple, honey and hazelnut. It is absolutely wonderful as an aperitif and perfectly suited for special occasions. The design of the bottle is elegant and it is sold in stylish box, making it the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who is all about enjoying the finest things.

Vault Edition 1st Release Islay – $199

Bowmore Vault Edition limited series expressions come from selected barrels in their infamous below-sea level No. 1 Vaults and are all matured in ex-bourbon casks, and are bottled at high strength (ABV) – 51.4% in the case of the First Release, aka Atlantic Sea Salt. The bourbon barrel character is prominent, with sweet vanilla and some toasted oak. This is the perfect gift for someone who is sweet and bold, all at once.

2015 -$99.75

This is one of the best Canadian wines on the market and every vintage has been exceptional value. This bottle is a rich and satisfying Bordeaux-style blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Malbec. It is a beautifully lush vintage, balanced and juicy with ripe dark berry, cherry, raspberry, plum, tobacco leaf and its finish is long and luxurious. Buy it for the most elegant person you know.


10,000 liters of Quebec maple water were needed to make this first batch of Rosemont Vodka! Following its single distillation, a rigorous filtration process and a six-month refining period give it its crystalline purity. Keep this gift for the lover of local products.

Betchwan Gin – $45.50

This local product is elaborated from aromatics coming mainly from the North Shore and the Minganie region. Distilled with distinction in the region’s first micro-distillery, it is inspired by the sea, the land and the surrounding forest. It has salty, floral and fruity notes, blending the flavors and aromas of the local terroir. Give it to that person who dreams of moving away from the city.

Gran Reserva 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky – $379.95

This is most definitely a complex expression. Finished in rum casks for added richness, this is a powerful and flavourful dram. Notes of buttered rum, banana and prune dance from the glass and on your palate along with flavours of fig, vanilla toffee, brown spices, ginger and molasses. The finish is astoundingly long and spicy replaying the ginger and brown spice notes. This will make an unique gift for that one person who is multi-facetted.

Written on: December 5, 2020