No matter our skin type, we all have different needs and issues with our complexions.


For me, I always look ameliorate my skin’s texture and even out my complexion, while giving it a boost of radiance. No matter how good your skin care regiment is, it wouldn’t be complete without a mask.



Beginning my usual pampering session, I always start by exfoliating. Masks and exfoliators go together, you can’t do one without the other.

I like using this peel treatment to tighten pores, renew skin texture and provide an instant burst of radiance to brighten and even my complexion. I try to do multiple masks at least twice a week – but sometimes life just gets in the way -, so when I am short on time and I’m looking for something to treat multiple concerns at once, I usually go for this mask (or multi-mask with the Moisturizing Mask or Instant Detox Mask).

If there’s something I feel is essential to any complete skincare routine, is a good multitasking mask!