DRESS TO KILL: Winter 2016-2017

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We all need some fantasy in our daily life, to keep us inspired and interested – but for the holidays, we demand magic. And with the worldwide climate of uncertainty, we want lots of it!

I guess we all feel the same at DTK, because we went all-in to deliver that sparkle this holiday edition: Stéphane Le Duc wanted his Couture feature to be illustrated by the notorious Marc-Antoine Coulon; fashion genius duo Max Abadian & Cary Tauben carefully put together a vibrant and iconic shoot with one of their muses, model Sophie Touchet; Joseph Saraceno and Heather Arruda set the table royally; Fritz and D. Picard brought a new modernity to this season’s big thing, the brocart; and Nelson Simoneau captured an intimate moment with television personality Maripier Morin.

No compromises— this is what we offer you in this winter edition of DTK. Because ultimate luxury also means something else: independence.

2017 will be our 9th year of publication, and it’s been incredible to see our dream come to life and continue to grow. Thank you for all your support – we couldn’t have come this far without our incredible readers.

Have a beautiful and magical holiday – let’s remember to be kind and help one another.

Wishing a better world for us all, filled with love, liberty and peace.

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