The days of male elegance are back in full swing. In the months preceding this issue, I noticed a revival in men’s fashion; men were making sartorial choices that were quite gentleman-like. Have you noticed how the men of today are eager to look their best? When I look at street style images of men from around the world – in Paris, Milan, and New York – I see an obvious appreciation for elegance. Their looks could have been borrowed from an English dandy in the 1930s, a character from The Great Gatsby, or a stylish businessman from the 1960s. Full and three-piece suits haven’t been this popular in years. This retro look has been appropriated, reviewed, and revived by the modern man. In my opinion, this is one of most compelling looks of the season – especially when combined with a touch of street wear.

Throughout this issue, “The Gentlemen’s Guide,” our team worked to capture the true essence of the gentleman. According to The Oxford Dictionary, that is about being “a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.” The number is dedicated to the art of living a balanced life; we put together a well-rounded picture of what it means to not only look like a gentleman, but how to eat, shop, and drink like one. DTK Men is the ultimate lifestyle guide.

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