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Saltwater. Chlorine. Fried hair. Split ends. Brassy highlights. Sun damage is real and not just to our skin – our manes are constantly bombarded by UV rays on top of struggling with high humidity levels and out-of-control frizz! Ugh. Whether you’re looking to replenish your locks with moisture-boosting formulas or simply to beautify your hair colour and outwit frizzy locks, we’ve rounded up smart new products to try over the summer. Here are our top picks.


Spice it up

BlondMe Instant Blush by Schwarzkopf Professional, $13.99-$48.99

A hair care line dedicated to blondes who truly like to have fun, as spray-on pastels are all the rage. The goal? Iconic looks and individual results designed for bold, confident individuals. Since being blonde is synonym of a plethora of delicate challenges to overcome (hello, brassy hues!), BlondeME aims to beautify blonde hair four different ways: ICE (crystal clear anti-yellow neutralization), JADE (a touch of aquatic green!), STRAWBERRY (self-explanatory – who does not like rosé?), and STEEL BLUE (in order to achieve that coveted edgy look, anti-orange neutralization is a prerequisite). Vitamin enriched, leave in or rinse out formulas that can suit your every mood. Fun! Noteworthy: check out the Keratin Restore bonding line, formulated for overstressed/fried locks, and the uber sultry Shine Elixir, an excessively shimmery and illuminating concoction that’s bound to make heads turn! The tone enhancing spray conditioner is novel as well as it instantly neutralizes yellow tones and protects against UV rays. Take it straight to the yacht! Available at select salons.


Bedtime TLC

Essence Absolue nourishing taming overnight serum by shu uemura, $69.00

The overnight serum is the latest product in the signature Essence Absolue line-up from shu uemura Art of Hair. Literally proclaimed as your ultimate beauty sleep ally, this hair serum (novel alert!) fuses science with nature, on top of being infused with Japanese red camellia oil. The ends results: quenching benefits and salutary relief from frizzy, overworked strands. A lightweight formula that untangles and smooths hair for 24 continuous hours, on top making it luminous, nourished, and tamed. Genius beauty hack. Available online at and in shu uemura salons across Canada and at Sephora.



Rene Furterer Forticea Energizing Shampoo ($34.00/200ml) and Leave-in lotion ($60.00/100ml)

The pioneer of both scalp and hair care strikes again, this time with a two-step fortifying ritual to the rescue: nothing but essential oils and Guarana extract, wildly touted (and recognized) for its tonic, energizing benefits. This time the focus is on the root of every hair, where true health and vitality begin, as it should be. The goal? Make each strand as healthy as it should be: resilient and strong. We love the fact that the maker takes the time to explain how to effectively massage & awaken the scalp for optimal results. The Rolls Royce of hair care – sensory pleasing and 100% natural ingredients to boot! A reference in the industry. Available in select salons and via



Slovenly curls

John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo, Conditioner, daily styling spray and Styling Foam ($12.99 each)

Already addled by a profusion of challenges to overcome on the regular, curly hair has a bad rep for being ultra high maintenance. No more! Provided you follow its top beauty commandments: no harsh cleansers, a ton of conditioning agents, no abrasive detergents, hydracharged moisturizing formulas that do NOT weigh hair down, sprays for soft curls, products that don’t feel sticky to stave off that dreaded crunchy effect, and some serious cuticle TLC (aka the less, the better!). Dream Curls is all this, and, moreover, budget-friendly. Its formula has been newly revamped and is now infused with Abyssinian oil, an African plant that comes from mustard seed oil and has a surprisingly unique molecular structure that is not found in any other naturally occurring substance. Rich in fatty acids, weightless and easily absorbed, hence why curls are not weighed down. Noteworthy: the line now includes a broad-spectrum line of styling products for bouncy, sexy waves, and is anything but stiff or sticky to the touch. Well done. Available at select food, drug, and mass retailers nationwide.


Colour Boosting Marvels



Phyto Paris Phytomillesime Color-Enhancing Shampoo ($30), Color Treating Mist ($45), Color-Enhancing Mask ($54), Beauty Concentrate ($45) and Color Locker Pre-Shampoo ($48)

A 5-step beauty ritual for highlighted, color-treated hair, and overstressed locks alike. The French house is all about novel rituals, natural, plant-derived ingredients (up to 95%) and super soft formulas designed for very specific needs. Don’t be fooled by how delicate and gentle this line is being touted- it packs a serious punch. The promise: to boost shine and capture colour like no other. Let’s be honest: colour that does not strip, especially considering how much a trip to the salon costs, sounds like music to our ears. The star of them all might just be the anti-color stripping pre-shampoo, which is formulated with a color locker complex and has this lovely, gel in oil texture we’re so fond of. A new essential gesture for maximum results (and a way to maximize our last visit to the hair salon) Powerful beautifying action with highly effective ingredients such as apple tree blossoms and Red Love apples, for pigments that stay, not stray. Anti-fading formulas that restore your tresses’ lipid barriers and protects against external aggressors such as UV rays. Available at


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