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Text, Makeup, and Concept by Sabrina Rinaldi
Photographer Chris Nicholls
On-Set Art Direction and Fashion Editor Peter Papapetrou

Canadians know all about winter. It encompasses almost half of our year. So, when the days get longer and the sun and heat get stronger, we are ready to get outside and enjoy every moment of it. But like a snake needs to shed its skin, we are in need of a little refresh before hitting the cottage, beach, or music festival circuit. Not to worry – if you need to get summer ready fast, we’ve got your face and body game plan sorted.

Swimsuit ($280) NORMA KAMAILI. Stilettos ($1,595) BALMAIN at THE ROOM. Bracelet ($995) PROENZA SCHOULER at THE ROOM.
Metallic Earrings, Belt, and Straps created for this shoot by Peter Papapetrou.

Skin & face
Sun Protection

We couldn’t talk about summer without talking about sun protection. I know we all love a tan and think we look better with a bronzed face and body, but it’s 2018, and much like smoking, we now know excessive sun exposure may not be the best life choice if we want to look our best in this decade and into the next. Let’s think long-term goals here: we want to age gracefully like Julianne Moore, who looks like she has worn SPF since she exited the womb.

So, do your future self a favour and make sure to load up on sun protection from reputable brands, like Dermalogica who has Protection Sport SPF 50 which is long-wearing and works to keep the skin moisturized without the greasy feel of some other brands.

Mineral sunscreen is also a smart option for those wanting to go the natural route. LaSpa has a great range of sunscreens that are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and 100% natural. They seamlessly blend into the skin making them an ideal base for makeup.

If staying moisturized isn’t a problem for you as summer heat enhances your natural dewiness (read: oiliness), then maybe a powder mineral formula like the one from Colorescience is for you. This lightweight, sheer-tinted powder can be worn alone or on top of the foundation. This is our favourite on-the-go choice since it has a built-in brush applicator and is easy to apply anytime and anywhere.



Once you are all protected from the sun, how do you look like a bronzed goddess and like you lived on a yacht in South Beach, Miami all winter? (We’re talking about you, Cary Tauben).

Self-tanners have come a long way and are an excellent option for full-body coverage.

Cult brand St. Tropez is a hit for a reason: they offer a wide variety of formulas (think mousse, mist, and cream), and the tint doesn’t have a hint of orange to it – the result is much more natural.

Another first-rate product is Sun Self Tanning Mist. This is a makeup industry favourite (available online at This spray delivers a fine mist that develops into a flawless tan over the next several hours. It’s perfect when you need to be tanned in a minute but want it to last for a week. (Fun fact: our model for this shoot was sprayed with this product a mere hour before shooting).

If self-spraying isn’t your thing or you don’t have a makeup artist to do it for you, there are at home services, like Toronto-based company Tan on the Run (, that offer in-home, organic spray tans.

For those not wanting a tan that sticks around for a week, Benefit has you covered with the Hoola Zero Tan Lines. This gel formula is transfer-resistant, streak-free, and lasts up to 12 hours.


Laser Treatments

Let’s say you’re like us and may have had a sun-worshipping phase in your early teens (Fun fact #2: Most of our sun damage is acquired before the age of 18!), and now you are stuck with residual sun damage, sun spots, and skin laxity. What to do? Not to worry, the world of facial laser treatments has exploded, and there is a laser for every skin type and every skin need.

“Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or Photo Facial is the number one laser on the market to target and treat red and brown pigment caused by sun damage. Not to mention that it also helps with reducing pore size and building collagen,” says skincare and beauty expert Tilda Peltz. But she warns, “This is definitely a treatment you want to do in the winter months, as sun exposure before or after a treatment could end up worsening skin discolouration. Usually, about 3-5 visits during the colder months should be able to treat pigment issues.” This super-effective laser treatment

takes about an hour. It registers a 5-7 on the pain scale and feels like rubber bands snapping on your face. “As with any laser treatment,” says Tilda, “you want to make sure you are going to a licensed and trained professional.” (Prices range from $250-$450 per treatment)

Another great option to better your skin and to firm up skin laxity is Ultherapy. Ultherapy utilizes Ultra Sound technology to go to the deeper dermal layers. “This is a foundational treatment,” says Chantal Ward, R.N. and National Trainer for Ulthera who operates out of her own Toronto-based clinic, Clarity Med Spa. “It goes past the top layers of the skin, down to the connective tissue to cause heat trauma and injury, thus encouraging and stimulating the body’s natural healing response. This controlled injury, in turn, creates shrinking of skin tissue (tightening) and the growth of new collagen and elastin.” This FDA-approved laser is the new facelift since prior to this the only way to tighten those deeper dermal layers was through surgery and going “under the knife.” Chantal says, “Women were starting with facelifts at 40 and up.” But now, “Women are able to do these non-invasive treatments to tighten skin and also to pre-empt skin laxity by addressing it before the skin has a chance to sag, all of these anti-aging benefits with zero downtime.” The treatment takes an hour, and on a pain scale, it registers about a 1-2. Because it’s treating the lower layers of the skin, results can take 2-4 months to show and last about a year. Chantal suggests a yearly Ultherapy session either on lower face or full face to achieve and maintain results. (Prices range from $2,400 – $3,500 for a single treatment)


If rough, dull, and acne-scarred skin texture is your issue, then micro-needling and Intracel micro-needling are your answers.

Tilda Peltz specializes in traditional micro-needling and says it’s ideal because it is safe to do year-round. “Micro-needling uses small and controlled injury to the surface of the skin by way of a medical-grade derma pen. This derma pen creates microscopic columns in the upper epidermis, and the body’s natural healing response then kicks in to repair and heal the top layer of skin.” She also recommends doing Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) or the Vampire Facial to the average consumer in conjunction with the micro-needling. “When the skin achieves these microscopic columns from the micro-needling, it can easily absorb the platelet-rich blood that has been drawn from the patient.” Tilda warns that staying out of the sun is essential for 48 hours and patients can expect redness, much like that of a sunburn that lasts a day or two. On a pain scale, it registers at about 5. (Prices range from $500-$1,000)

Chantal Ward offers Intracel micro-needling, which instead of using the traditional derma pen, utilizes a small square-shaped tool attached to a machine that delivers radio frequency heat to the lower layers of the epidermis. “Not only is the upper epidermis (top layer of skin) getting 49 micro-needles per square centimetre, but the end of each of these needles delivers radio frequency [heat] down to the lower layers as well as the surface layer of the epidermis, causing a healing response from the body.” What does this mean to the average person? You are treating the top layer of skin and also the lower, deeper layers (your future skin), and that means over the next 3-4 months you will continue to see improvement in skin texture and reduced pore size and acne scars. “The best part,” adds Chantal “is there is no downtime. Much like Ultherapy, patients can go back to normal activities the following day.” Treatment takes about an hour including applying a numbing cream, and it registers about a 2-3 on the pain scale. Chantal recommends four treatments spaced four weeks apart with annual upkeep. (Price starts at $695 per treatment)


Skincare Products

If lasers aren’t your thing or just not a part of your lifestyle and budget (yet), that doesn’t mean there is no hope for you to achieve your skin goals. Top-of-the-line brands are churning out skincare that will not only get you glowing for summer but all year round.

Luxury skincare brand Rodial (who can do no wrong in our books) has the solution. Rodial infuses their collection with the skin resurfacing benefits of vitamin C along with a variety of other skincare workhorses like glycolic acid and salicylic acid. This potent blend of vitamin C and other key ingredients are sure to boost radiance and even-out the skin’s tone, texture, and complexion.

For those with dry, sensitive skin you may want to check out the Calm Water Gel from Dermalogica. This weightless water-gel moisturizer refreshes and rehydrates skin while creating an invisible barrier against environmental assault.

Caudalie also offers hydration in the form of their Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. This oil-free, ultra-lightweight soothing gel-cream is like a cool drink of water for thirsty skin. And let’s not forget their best seller, the Beauty Elixir face mist. Nothing refreshes a hot summer’s day like this fresh-smelling skin revitalizing spray.

All-natural brand Graydon Skincare also has their take on face mist with the All Over Elixir. This Canadian brand infuses their spray with camelina and grapeseed oil and a blend of lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood, making it akin to a poolside margarita.

Bracelet as necklace (Price upon request) CAROLE TANENBAUM. Gold Monogram Swimwear (Price upon request) LOUIS VUITTON.
Metallic Visor created for this shoot by Peter Papapetrou. /span>


Now that we have your face game strong, let’s not forget about that beach bod. They say that summer bodies are made in the winter. Well, if you spent your winter months hitting it hard at the gym, eating right, and getting in all your workouts, congrats because you are ahead of the game. But, if you are like most of us and used the colder months to hide under layers of clothing, hit the snooze button and indulged in treats while making your way through the entire Netflix catalogue, not to worry, you can get the summer body you want faster than you think. We’ve compiled the best quick fix ways to make sure you are ready to hit the beach the second the temp rises.



When wanting to burn off excess fat fast and make quick fitness gains, there is no better workout than High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which utilizes short and intense exercises with intermittent rest. This approach of going all out in short bursts with a recovery period (think one minute on and one minute off), not only revs up metabolism and scorches calories but means you don’t need to workout for more than 45 minutes at a time.

Orange Theory is a gym that’s sprouting up everywhere that practices this style of training. Certified trainer and Orange Theory coach Mathew Mustapha says, “What separates OT from other HIIT workouts is that every person wears a heart rate monitor that we can see up on a screen. This guarantees each person is working to his/her own personal max no matter what the fitness level.” That means a class can have everyone from a novice to an elite athlete training at the same time. “But,” he explains, “once we demonstrate the exercise to the group we ensure to also demonstrate alternate options if we find an exercise is too hard or too easy for an individual.” This approach makes HIIT accessible to all. “Another great factor about OT is that no two workouts are the same. It changes daily, and participants don’t know what they are going to do before the workout. This form of muscle confusion makes sure that no one will plateau and/or get bored.” The actual workouts last approximately 45 minutes, and depending on the day will contain cardio, conditioning exercise, weights, rower machines, and a host of other challenging exercises.

The best part about HIIT training is the afterburn effect or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). This afterburn means your resting metabolic rate is jacked up by 10-20% over the next 24-36 hours. That gives you 1-3 days with an elevated metabolism. That afterburner effect is what makes HIIT workouts so ideal for those looking to shed pounds quickly. If you subscribe to a healthy diet and lifestyle approach, you’ll see results. You just need to find what works for you and your individual needs and stick to it.

If making it to a class is a struggle or doesn’t work with your schedule, online services like Beach Body on Demand are great alternatives to attending classes or the gym. Within the comforts of your own home, you have access to hundreds of workouts that are sure to get you moving and sweating. Popular workouts like P90X, Turbo Fire, and Insanity, will put you through the ringer and make sure you get into the HIIT zone. (, for $100 a year)

Now that we have established that HIIT workouts are great for torching excess fat, it is also important to note that doing a workout like this requires time to recover and repair. “Ideally,” says Mat, “HIIT workouts should be done no more than 2-4 [times] a week with a 24-hour break in-between each workout.”

Whether you are looking to supplement your intense exercise routine or if HIIT style training isn’t for you, ballet barre, pilates, yoga, and other dance style workouts are great for toning and building long, lean muscles. Paige Carper, owner and trainer at studio Pure Barre, says, “Barre and other toning-style workouts concentrate on working the stabilizing muscles. These smaller muscle groups help and support the larger muscle groups by working the secondary and tertiary muscles. This will not only help tighten and tone your body, but these smaller muscles help take over when the bigger muscles get fatigued from more intense workouts.” In a nutshell, one who supplements HIIT style workouts with things like barre, yoga, and pilates will notice better gains and endurance overall.

“Another important thing to thing to consider,” says Josephine Cuthill, owner and trainer of a workout movement called Essentrics, “is that as we age, our muscles deteriorate, and our smaller muscle groups are the first to go. Once that happens, skin starts to sag, and we lose tone and definition. That’s why this style of training is ideal for anyone at any age.” Essentrics is a workout that focuses on lengthening and working the entire chain of muscles in each part of the body. For example, your arm will push and stretch from the tips of your fingers all the way up to your shoulder. Each body part pushes and resists while working through controlled movements to achieve full muscle engagement and fatigue by the end of each workout. “Just because these workouts are low-impact, don’t be fooled into thinking they are easy. When you fully contract the muscle chain and all the surrounding fascia, the burn and fatigue are like nothing else you will have experienced.”

Adding these types of workouts into your regular routine is essential for keeping you looking young and achieving that toned, tight and fit physique. Popular celebrity trainers like Tracy Anderson and Body by Simone both offer their own at-home version. Each of these women takes you through dance-style cardio and combine it with killer abs, arms, and excruciating glute exercises to get that booty higher, rounder, and tighter. ( and



Now if logging numerous hours exercising still can’t rid you of stubborn pockets of fat, technology has finally found a safe and permanent solution. CoolSculpting is offered at just about every medical spa in the country, and it’s easy to see why.

“It works. Period,” says Linda Murphy, CoolSculpting expert and co-owner at Clarity Med Spa in Toronto. “Anyone within 5-20 lbs of their ideal body weight can expect to achieve permanent fat loss by way of fat cell destruction using cryolipolysis. This technology destroys the fat cells permanently by essentially freezing them to death. The body then recognizes these cells as dead and foreign and eliminates them through the lymphatic system over the next 120 days. Results are visible and suitable for men and women.” Prior to CoolSculpting, the only way to truly get rid of fat was with liposuction, which involved general or local anesthetic and cannula that punctured the surface of the skin and literally sucked the fat out like a vacuum. This resulted in major downtime and hit or miss results.

“Now,” adds Linda, “you can come in, and within 1-2 hours, permanently shrink love handles, saddlebags, your double chin, or other exercise resistant areas.” What one can expect when going for cool sculpting is to lose 25% from each area. Areas are measured out and priced per “handful” (average price is $750 per handful). That means if going in for your “love handles,” each side of your muffin top would be considered a handful, and a total of two areas being treated. Once you are seated, a big paddle-like device that is hooked up to a large machine is attached to the area being treated. The machine is turned on and you sit and wait anywhere from 30-60 mins per area. A deep cold sensation can be felt at first, but then gives way to numbing and nothing else is felt. At the end of the session, a key step is for the practitioner to massage the area for 2-3 minutes.

After the treatment, clients can go right back to their usual routines and activities. “Since the fat cells are destroyed and eliminated through the lymphatic system, there is no need to diet or do additional exercise. However,” states Linda, “a great way to help the body rid itself of these dead tissues is by way of lymphatic massage.” Many spas offer this service, but body cupping also achieves the same results at home. Lure Essentials has a variety of silicone massage cups for DIY cupping and lymphatic massage. These cups glide over lubricated skin to relax muscle tension, release fascia, and stimulate lymphatic drainage. “This is an ideal accompaniment to CoolSculpting and has the bonus effect of smoothing cellulite,” Linda adds.

Another great advance in technology is radio frequency skin tightening with Exilis. “Not everyone will need this after CoolSculpting, but [it’s] for those with skin laxity on the body, whether from age, pregnancy, or weight loss. Several Exilis treatments can help tighten the skin on just about every part of the body,” she says. “How it works is radio frequency is emitted deep down into the body to heat up the water in the tissue, creating thermal injury and ultimately throwing the body into ‘repair mode.’ With this repair comes the production of new collagen and elastin.” This is the same technology that is used with Intracel micro-needling for the face. Exilis also utilizes RF heat to access the lower layers of the skin to create tighter, smoother skin on the surface. Typically, patients need 4-8 treatments, spaced two weeks apart. (Price starts at $295 per treatment)


Butt Lift

Let’s say your goal isn’t to slim down but instead to beef up? Or should I say, “peach up”? Never has a round, full, perky bottom ever been so coveted. Yes, we can thank the Kardashians for ushering in this bootylicious trend and forever associating the peach emoji with a juicy bum.

But what can one do if performing a million squats while eating copious amounts of protein just isn’t yielding the desired result? “The new Brazil Butt Lift,” answers Dr. Sean Rice MD, owner of Rice Cosmetic Surgery clinic and National Trainer for Sculptra and the Brazil Butt Lift. “Sculptra has emerged on the market as a way to gently boost size, firmness, and shape in the buttocks. Let it be said it is not actually a filler per se, but polylactic acid. What this is, he explains, “is an injectable that stimulates your body’s own collagen. Generally, patients need 2-3 syringes per side and roughly three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The body can only produce so much at one time which means doing smaller, incremental treatments guarantees a greater success and end result. Any excess product will just be expelled by the body.”

Prior to Sculptra, patients relied on fat transfer which involved harvesting large amounts of fat from all over the body and injecting it into the buttocks. Patients needed a full 14 days before returning back to work and were not able to sit down for a full 6 weeks. “You have none of the pain, discomfort, or downtime like we did with past procedures.” he says. “And results can start to be seen roughly halfway through the second treatment and last 1-2 years.” Maintenance includes one treatment per year and treatments are priced at $4,500 each. As always, you want to make sure you go to a licensed and trained doctor like Dr. Sean Rice when considering something of this magnitude. 

So now that you’re armed with your game plan: Your face can be snatched, and your body can be bangin’ this summer. But right now, it’s time for you to get started because once summer is here – it doesn’t last long. This is Canada after all.

Sunglasses ($625) FENDI at HOLT RENFREW. Bikini Top ($120) and Bottom ($100) SHAN SWIMWEAR.

Sunglasses ($630) CELINE at HOLT RENFREW. Swimsuit ($497) CHIARA BONI at MAXI BOUTIQUE. Stilettos ($1,595) BALMAIN at THE ROOM.
Metallic Boots, Cuffs, and Necklaces created for this shoot by Peter Papapetrou.

Written on: June 10, 2018