The music superstar is being sued for allegedly copying a T-shirt design from the Lucky 13 brand and selling it for profit to fans.

According to Swift’s lawyers, they insist the star can not make an appearance in court as it will interfere with her 1989 album tour. However, the California court judge has ruled that just because Swift has a busy schedule does not mean she is absolved from showing up in court to defend the copyright infringement allegations made against her by Lucky 13.

Lawyers from Lucky 13 demand Swift give up “all photographs and videos of you in which your breasts are at least partially visible as well as documents reflecting, evidencing or revealing who took each such photograph and video and where and when”. This statement is in regard to a photo of Swift wearing the copied design in question.



The case made by Swift’s lawyers claims that the T-shirt that Swift sold as part of a promotional event for St-Patricks day does not infringe on the brands design nor does it interfere with Lucky 13’s older and edgier demographic, but the clothing line disagrees. They claim that Taylor is moving toward a more mature and edgy look, leading Lucky 13’s core demographic away into Swift’s ever growing bank account.

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