The best speakeasy bars

There’s something quite exhilarating about looking for an unidentified space, opening a secret door, and descending a darkened set of stairs into a drinking establishment. Despite speakeasy bars gaining popularity over the last few years, the excitation of exploring one of these secret liquor joints for the first time never fades.

By Marie-Ève Venne

Discover our favourite hidden bars across Canada:

cloakroom bar

Cloakroom Bar
2175 Rue de la Montagne #100

Tucked away inside a custom-made menswear store, this sophisticated speakeasy is probably the best in the city. After pushing a mirror door, you step inside a narrow space with dim lights, black velvet drapes, and old Hollywood portraits hanging on the walls. Don’t bother asking for a cocktail list (there is actually none), since the expert mixologists working there will create you the cocktail of your dreams, according to your boozy preferences and mood. You go there to experience mixology at its best and to (re)discover how carefully-selected, excellent spirits give life to any cocktail.

the narrow loung
The Narrow Loung
Corner of Main Street and 3rd

You will find this cozy hideaway while looking for the red light. Located on the corner of Main Street and 3rd Ave, The Narrow Lounge is a literal hidden gem that will serve you delicious drinks and some tasty bites. If you are looking for a fancy place, you might not appreciate the general laid-back vibe and quaint look of the place, but it will be your lost. Go there on a night when you need a break from all the posh cocktail places, when you’re looking for a bar with a dive feel where you can enjoy a great selection of craft beers.

gift shop speakeasy

Gift Shop
89-B Ossington Ave

Don’t get turned off by the overall bougie-hipster feel of this bar that’s hiding inside a barbershop. Gift Shop, owned by the very successful Vancouver-based Donnelly Group, is an 18-seat covert cocktail bar inside Barber & Co that brings a West Coast feel to the neighborhood. Walk through the door with a green lightbox to find inventive drinks created by the barman known only as H. Here, you will get a unique – and most likely addictive – cocktail experience in the heart of downtown Toronto, leaving totally charmed by their delicious concoctions.

Written on: September 4, 2019