The Bold and the Beautiful 

Parisian flair meets Montreal dynamism. A new creator pushing the perspective on jewellery design. 

           —By Melanie Trevett

victor benaderette

Once in a while a designer comes along with an aesthetic and imaginative design approach like no other. Self-taught fine jewellery designer Victor Benaderette is a Parisian residing in Montreal. From his atelier, he has created Benaderette, a brand that loves to tell stories of fanciful lights and bold structures through diverse collections.

I first discovered Victor Benaderette a year ago. As an avid bracelet collector, I was in awe of a piece I spotted while scrolling through my social media feed. Victor’s designs are undeniably cool and what caught my eye was a vast, gold faceted contemporary cuff. Immediately, I was in love and started to obsess over how exquisite this piece was. It was going to make its way into my jewellery box and my fashion life.

victor benaderette

On reaching out to Victor, I was surprised to learn he was relatively new to the design world, having left Paris to attend the Montreal School of Gemmology, where he specialized in diamond observation and jewellery design. He had a strong desire to create a fashion brand that would be the epitome of modern-day luxury, his inspiration to be led by beautiful and interesting shapes, with an emphasis on light and colour. 

Fine jewellery is going through a much-needed change and Victor’s pieces sit at the cutting edge during this pivotal time, bridging the gap between art and fashion. In the age of social media and constant bombardment from fashion brands all fighting for our attention, his designs are a breath of fresh air, with their breakthrough design, composition, and quality of craftsmanship. 

“Through my designs I want to get straight to the point with simple shapes and clean lines. In a universal language, we work the metal on a thin line of light, giving way to powerful volumes, enhancing elegant and timeless pieces of jewellery.”

On learning more about Victor’s collections, it became apparent that there are two sides to his designs, almost acting as contradictions against each other. On the one side is his passion for precious stones that he loves to present in simple elegant settings using luminosity and optical effects to showcase the beauty of a particular gem stone, and on the other side, the very abstract forms that make for urban, edgy, and almost rock-chic pieces that are as razor sharp as the individuals that dare to wear them.

So, with this said, his clientele finds itself spoilt for choice in these two contrasting worlds of design, with Victor even going as far as to create a custom engagement ring that jewellery dreams are made of through his diamond brokerage service. Whether it’s an orange sapphire princess cut ring you crave or a one-off cuff that will dominate your forearm, there is something that will evoke inspiration in even the most discerning of customers

It’s no surprise that you won’t find Victor’s pieces stocked in the usual boutiques. Instead, he chooses to present collections in art galleries, showcasing them more as individual works of art for an audience that applauds his artistic skill and craftsmanship, one of which is second to none and one hundred percent designed and made in Canada.

victor benaderette

For now, I am one of the lucky ones to have his art grace my arm, my gold cuff symbolizing everything I love about my style – strong, bold and unapologetic – but who will Benaderette’s future clientele be, I wonder? What does the fashion future look like for this new, inspirational, and daring designer?  That remains to be seen, but I can for sure envision a young up and coming actress gracing a red carpet adopting a new version of my statement cuff. 

As I write this, I am perusing over Benaderette’s latest collections, which adopt more art led pieces in the form of abstract twisted silver bracelets and an array of precious stones you can either wear alone or stack for the most individual and well-dressed of fingers.

When asked what we can expect from the brand going forward, Victor states that his fascination with monumental sculptures will continue to inspire him to design large format pieces in order to diversify jewellery’s means of expression. 

And his love with form and light will present new reflections for the brand, further exploring the relationship between the brands two contrasting entities and how we embrace them collectively – the precious gemstones and the sculptured, bold cuff rolled into one.

victor benaderette

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Photographer: @Mollysjlowe
Photo courtesy: Benaderette

Written on: May 20, 2020