Glossier Glow now comes in a bottle

The Glossier glow is legendary, and now comes in the form of the Futuredew.

A direct to consumer beauty brand, Glossier’s famous signature dewy skin and ethereal glow as seen on their beautiful campaign models is so flawless, you’d think it’s an Instagram filter. But alas, the “Glossier glow” has been bottled and is now on sale for the world to consume in the form of Futuredew. A peach tinted serum-oil hybrid, the Glossier Glow promotes the brand’s ethos of skin first and make-up second. It contains nourishing oils like jojoba, grape seed, evening primrose, and rosehip, as well as the plant-based squalane to help brighten your skin. With the goal of moisturizing, light reflects with a soft focus finish that passes the selfie test and fulfills dreams of being a Glossier model.

Written on: November 28, 2019