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Dalia Lash reveals the secret to building a jewellery wardrobe: make it your own.

By  Carol Besler

Third-generation jeweller Dalia Lash is a stylist at heart. She can picture the life of any given piece of jewellery after it leaves one of the showcases at Mark Lash Fine Jewellery. During a recent visit to the Eglinton Avenue store, I watched her pick out emerald earrings to accessorize a dress and shoes from a photo brought in by a customer. Later, she and an assistant, clutching mood boards, pull pieces for an upcoming photoshoot for a local fashion magazine.

“I do love fashion, and I think jewellery is the best accessory,” says Dalia, who that day is wearing a vintage crescent-shaped pendant that was once a brooch set with several large, old mine-cut diamonds and a yellow gold curb link diamond bracelet, paired with beautiful bangles. “My personal style tends to be tailored, with a bit of a kick, something different, or a unique mix of pieces that make the look truly my own,” she says, adding, “I love sourcing diamonds.” Most Mark Lash pieces are custom-made at their workshop in the company’s Richmond Hill location, developed from scratch, beginning with a sketch in collaboration with customers. Some are updated heirloom pieces. Many are custom-designed engagement rings and wedding bands. What they all have in common is their purpose, which is to complement the specific style of their wearers. 

The store is full of Mark-Lash-made pieces, all on-trend but with a twist, something that makes them unique: diamond line earrings but with multiple strands that cascade like a waterfall to the shoulder, an engagement ring with a double halo drop setting for maximum flash, or a diamond tennis bracelet but with sprinkles of baguette-cut diamonds that throw off more sparkle than a disco ball. Dalia is quick to credit her team: her husband, Mark Lash; their business partner, Laurie Goodman; and a talented team of designers and jewellers. “I can’t do this alone,” she smiles.

Dalia’s mantra is that jewellery is meant to be worn. “Not everyone wants the crown jewels. It’s like fancy dishes: you have to pull them out a few times a year on special occasions, but it’s nice to have great pieces for every day too.” Stacks of bangles, a nice lariat, some hoop or stud earrings, a diamond line bracelet — these are the pieces every woman should have as her go-to, as essential as a first aid kit. 

By the time I leave the store, I’m scrolling through my phone to show Dalia pictures snapped of me in various outfits, asking for advice about what jewellery to accessorize with, what to add to my collection, thrilled that after 25 years of covering jewellery, I can still find new gurus for advice and inspiration. 


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Written on: August 8, 2020