The New

He is curiously compelling right down to every gold encrusted ring on each one of his fingers. His wrists are garnished with beaded and bronzed bracelets. Mysterious and eccentric, he is an artist in every sense of the word; and as the new Creative Director of Gucci he is stirring a revolution.

By Brenna Dixon

Michele Alessandro, in his gentle gypsy style, was chosen abruptly to translate exactly what he does best: emotions into art. His unrecognized name was announced upon the exit of ex-creative director Frieda Giannini and her husband (then CEO) Patrizio di Marco. Alessandro stepped gracefully into the limelight allowing us to dream again but this time, a little more sensually.

With back-to-back shows he blurred gender roles multiple times: showcasing intriguing jewelry, mingling between the sexes, the sensation of color, craftsmanship in fabric blending and accentuating silhouettes. His new perspective and creations have no doubt jolted the fashion industry’s senses, as well as the billion-dollar Italian Luxury Brand.

The importance of “sexiness” in his work is apparent focusing on sensuality and allure rather than blatant vulgarity. Alessandro’s work focuses on the classic Italian perception of feminine elegance and style: soft and gentle with a rebel soul. As the new prevailing Gucci visionary he has already shifted the brand into an invigorating new creative chapter, one that has already made history.

As a graduate of Rome’s Academia di Costume di Moda, he started his career immediately working as Senior Accessories Designer at Fendi. With a notable talent, he caught the eye of Tom Ford and soon after joined the London Design team for Gucci in 2002. Nearly twelve years later and after holding a variety of roles within the Maison, Alessandro has now created a brand revolution.

The once unknown name became instantly recognizable after making Gucci the new “it” brand. Overstepping a variety of internal barriers (mostly due to the definition of the sexes) his impact extended beyond cultural horizons. Buyers have started banking on the “new” Gucci: Net-a-Porter quoted Gucci as the second biggest seller behind Saint Laurent. The new “retro-youthfulness” style has revived the entire brand anima making the Gucci movement extremely interesting to watch unfold.

Michele Alessandro has been a game changer not only for the brand but also, for what is happening for fashion in general. His stylistic reference points have been noted globally and have left us with eyes wide open for what is next.

Written on: February 11, 2016