The Ultimate Muse:
Crista  Cober
Our 10th Anniversary Cover Model, Crista Cober, dishes on the industry, Parisian rooftops, and the importance of staying true to yourself.

By Brenna Dixon

Photography Lily & Lilac
Fashion Editor Randy Smith

Crista Cober never dreamed of becoming a model. In fact, she “didn’t know anything about modeling,” she recalls upon being discovered by Anthony Gordon in a Kitchener shopping mall at the age of 18. With a modeling career that has held steady for years, Cober has had quite the run since being scouted. With such stunning features, it’s no surprise that she has taken part in numerous international campaigns and now walks off the set of our 10th Anniversary cover shoot for Dress to Kill.

With an extremely hectic schedule, Crista hopped off a flight from Europe and went straight to shooting our epic 10th Anniversary cover the next day. Her day started off in a hurry as she describes a frantic morning, but she says she was “happy to work in [her] city” and to be back on home turf. She was then whisked away into hair and makeup, where she met “the amazing team.” At the end of the day, she stated that the shoot was “one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever shot.” Wrapping up on a high, she was soon Europe-bound, yet again.

Having traveled the world for renown fashion and beauty brands, she considers her most memorable photoshoots to be “Steve Meisel for Italian Vogue on my 30th birthday, shooting the fragrance for YSL beauty Mon Paris, and being part of the new L’Oreal launch for Botanea and Source Essentielle.” As the face of Yves Saint Laurent’s fragrance Mon Paris, her travels also took her to the most romantic city in the world. “I got to see Paris in a new light. Nothing beats a city from the rooftops,” she exclaimed. Viewing the city exclusively from above for such an iconic brand was quite an experience, and she says it was “an honour to be chosen for this project.” From rooftops to being selected to be a part of Oliver Rusteig’s Balmain Army, campaigns for Topshop, The Gap, and Armani Exchange, Crista has definitely figured out the modeling gig!

From rushing between shoots and catching planes, Crista’s life has been a whirlwind since the day she was discovered at the Kitchener shopping mall. Motherhood has been another life-changing event for her. She describes how it altered her work-life, as she tries “to be home more, and more selective about the projects I’m willing to give up time for.” Today, it’s “no longer just me, there’s an extension of me who’s either with me or away from me and I’m always considering her,” she says. Finding that work-life balance is something we all strive for, and throwing extensive travel into the mix can only be more stressful. For someone like Crista, she enjoys unwinding and likes “to read, take baths, and go for walks.” Her ultimate stress-buster, she confesses, is to “take a nap.” When she’s not crossing borders or in the makeup chair, she enjoys “spending time with family, learning, and loving.”

It hasn’t always been a smooth ride, however, as Crista recalls encountering difficulties along the way. She states that, “Feedback is feedback, and over the years I’ve heard a lot,” regarding not-so-perfect times. She also recalls that when she didn’t “work” for various reasons, she persevered by “remaining true to who [she] was, adapting who [she] was, growing, and working as [she] went.” With such moments behind her, she states that the phrase, “Stay weird,” are the best words of wisdom she’s ever received.

When wrapping up our anniversary shoot, we couldn’t help but ask the travel-savvy Crista what she couldn’t leave the house without. She responded with “local currency.” The carry-on beauty product she can’t resist is “YSL Vernis Levres.” What’s in store for this stunning model-mother? “I plan to love more, live more, smile more, see more, and be more,” she replies. One thing is certain, we can’t get enough of this incredibly beautiful, inspiring, and poised young woman. The last piece of advice that she imparts upon us before she leaves is: “Stay you.”


Photography Lily & Lilac
Fashion Editor Randy Smith
Creative Direction Atelier Vingt Quatre
Model Crista Cober at NEXT MODELS
Make-up & Hair Hair and makeup Steven Turpin at TEAMM MGMT using
Nail artist Naomi Misu at TIPS NAIL BAR and
Hair assistant Amy Stollmeyer
Location Neighbourhood Studios

Written on: April 11, 2018