Thom Browne drops six unisex fragrances

American fashion designer Thom Browne creates his first ever fragrance collection with six unisex fragrances available in October.

Each fragrance in the collection will feature vetiver, which Browne notes crosses over for both men and women. Browne’s goal with this collection is to create iconic fragrances, and for Browne, vetiver is an iconic scent that serves as a good base for the collection. Fragrances in the collection will combine vetiver extracts with scents such as cucumber, grapefruit, and rose.

Even more, Browne is approaching this collection from a very noncommercial point of view, making for a unique collection. Each 75 ml eau de parfum ranges from $200-$250, and will be available this Octovbr at Thom Browne boutiques.


Written on: October 1, 2019