To Kill For: 

Natalie Rolt is an Australian luxury designer whose eveningwear collection is made up of gorgeous dresses that marry elegance and sensuality with contemporary design. 

Words by Luisa Tarantino

Fashion Editor Justine Le

Her 2020/21 Evening Wear Collection perfectly embodies her brand — beautiful, minimalist yet flattering silhouettes and luxurious satiny materials combine just the right amount of sexy with a confident elegance. As explained on her website, the collection is one “evoking romantic nostalgia [and] representing confidence in simplicity,” with a focus on the small details. Having great respect for the importance of craftsmanship, each piece is handcrafted on a made-to-order basis, meaning each garment is specifically made for the wearer in order to fit them perfectly.

Rolt also designs Resort Wear, Ready-to-Wear collections, and undergarments, all of which stick to her design motto of simplicity, effortless luxury, and a focus on the female form. From two-piece sets to flowy skirts and pants, each Rolt piece is imbued with a simple refinement and timelessness and is sure to make the person wearing it feel powerful and sexy. Simply put, Rolt’s designs are simply to kill for.

See some of our favourite pieces below. You can shop Natalie Rolt on her website.

natalie rolt

natalie rolt


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Written on: August 11, 2020