Getting on the healthy lifestyle train is quite easy, but staying on it is another story all together, especially if your surroundings are not in tune with your health goals. That’s why most of us turn to social media for extra motivation, whether we’re seeking to get in shape through fitness YouTube videos, or looking to cook healthy dinner by browsing #cleaneating on Instagram. Here are my top 5 social media gurus that will prevent you from jumping off the health train.


Emily Van Raay

Founder of Model for Wellness, Emily is a certified health coach and model. This Ontario born beauty created a platform for models to express their love for a healthy lifestyle, sharing with the world secret tips and tricks that they grabbed here and there while working in an industry where keeping a lean body is a requirement.

Growing up on a farm surely has to do with the way she sees and approaches food, as she could see cows, pigs, and chickens in her backyard before they ended up on her plate. Follow her to see how models stay healthy with a hectic lifestyle of traveling and early call times.

Instagram: @modelforwellness

Madeleine Shaw

A health Coach and a yoga teacher, this inspiring guru takes her job seriously. She posts multiple times a day on her Instagram, where she’s followed by more than 208k loyal fans, showing us an honest look at her everyday routine. Her YouTube videos are just as consistent, uploading at least once every week.

Her monthly favorites, her beauty routine, and what she eats to keep healthy can be found on her channel along with much more motivational and informative content. She recently launched Glow Guides, an app that accompanies you for 8 whole weeks, giving you the tools necessary to move, munch, and meditate in the best way possible. With a new book on the way titled Ready Steady Glow, the health scene hasn’t seen the last of her.

Instagram: @madeleine_shaw_

YouTube: Madeleine Shaw

Niomi Smart

Models have had quite the bad reputation when it comes to their diet over the last decade. And even though the stereotype of the starving model is still trending to this day, we keep seeing more of them using their platform to show that you can be a part of the fashion industry and look a certain way while still being positively radiant inside and out. Niomi Smart is one of those role models that exudes an aura of health and happiness.

Just looking at her glowing skin and her shiny hair makes you want to start chugging liters of green concoctions. Her YouTube videos give you all access to the behind-the-scenes of her journey, from her latest workout gear obsession to her well detailed skin care routine; every aspect of her plant-based and active lifestyle is covered.

Instagram: @niomismart

YouTube: Niomi Smart

Annie Jaffrey

This YouTuber first started to build her fan base by uploading make up tutorials, focusing more on beauty and fashion. As she switched lifestyle, going from meat-eating to a high carb low-fat diet and moving to Thailand, the paradise of fresh fruits, she started to incorporate all her new-found knowledge on the subject into her content. Health and nutrition slowly became the core content of her channel.

Her passion for wellness is undeniable; sharing daily what she puts on her plate and what she wears to the gym, her motivational videos will certainly help you to keep going on your journey to becoming your best self.

Instagram: @anniejaffrey

YouTube: Annie Jaffrey

Rens Kroes

We all know her sister, Doutzen Kroes, a former Victoria’s Secret model, but Rens is making waves in her own field as well. Growing up with an herbalist for a grandmother and a nutritionist as a mother, Kroes has absorbed a lot of information, which can be observed by flipping through the pages of her very own cookbook ; Powerfood, or by attending her food-coaching clinics.

She understands the struggle of breaking bad habits and wants to help people change their relationship with food, making sure that they use it to feel good and be fit. You can read her advice on her website, in Glamour, Jamie magazine, and Nike to ensure you don’t miss a thing this power foodie has to say.

Instagram: @renskroes