True Blue

Blue is an optimistic colour. Representing both the sea and the sky, the colour blue has both depth and stability. We trust that our skies will be blue on most days, and that oceans will no doubt provide us with gorgeous blue hues of varying shades. We can also look to our fashion choices to help with the much needed optimism in these unsettling times. With the fashion industry responding not so subtly to the social cues, and providing us with what we may not have known we wanted. When we do a deeper dive into the colour blue we learn that it symbolizes trust, loyalty, and wisdom, and has widely been seen as a calming influence, one of tranquility and sincerity.

By Lauren Walker-Lee

Late last year, Pantone revealed the upcoming colour of the year for 2020 would be Classic Blue. A traditional and steady choice equipping us for the times we were entering. This announcement  came as a  full circle moment reminiscent of 1999 when Cerulean Blue was Pantone’s colour of the year. also a calming, steady selection for the unknown of the millennium. In 2006, cerulean would make headlines for being the subject of the famous monologue in the Devil Wears Prada – there is more to blue than meets the eye we would learn.

Fast forward back to 2020 and a quarter of the way through our new year, fashion, as always, foresaw the future and presented us with numerous blue options. The most notable being the vivid pops of bright blue from both Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta, the latter introducing an unmistakable shade of azure blue, and one that now links the brand to the shade.

Here our edit of beautiful blue options take us into the warmer months, and keep our hopes running high for the rest of the season.


Mame Kurogouchi Silk Kimono Dress $3496.50  WDLT117 



Balenciaga Cloud Clutch $1105  SSENSE   


Blazé Milano Everyday Day Blazer $1995  Blazé Milano 

Bottega Veneta Curve Sandals $2317 Bottega Veneta


STAUD Linen Blend Pants $245 and Cropped Top $145 Net-a-Porter


Jacquemus Cotton Poplin Dress $1195 Matches Fashion



**Lead image Jacquemus campaign 2016 Photography by Theresa Marx


Written on: March 13, 2020