A few months before the end of 2019, I decided that 2020 would be the year I would finally start training. For real. And by that I meant going to the gym three times a week and not leaving it until I was drenched in my sweat and tears. You get the idea. It was all going pretty great until coronavirus hit us all and I had to find ways to keep on the good work from home.

           —By Marie-Ève Venne

As someone who is easily demotivated, I turned to the most popular health and fitness influencers’ workout routines to custom my very own program. Which means that for the past few weeks, I’ve become my own guinea pig, trying every trending workout video suggested on the web, hoping to find the magic solution.

And I did it all!


Chloe Ting Two Weeks Abs Workout Challenge

If you already follow Chloe Ting, you’ll be familiar with her free YouTube programs, which she calls “Challenges.” Like many other fitness influencers, she sometimes launches individual videos as part of an overall series, creating comprehensive programs you can follow over the course of a month. Before quarantine, I wasn’t very familiar with her videos to be quite honest. Until one night, when her Abs Workout Challenge magically appeared in my YouTube suggestions. The promise? Getting visible abs and losing weight in two weeks by doing her 10 minutes workout every day. So, did it actually work? Yes and no.

Visually, I can see now more definition in my “centre ab line” (aka the line going down the middle of the stomach), along with more definition in my abs region. But I also mixed her program with some HIIT workouts and clean alimentation. In other words, her abs workout is pretty complete and easy to follow for beginners, but it won’t give you some magic results if you only do that for two weeks while eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner (not that there is something wrong with that).


 Natacha Océane 20 min Full Body Home Workout

Natacha Oceane studied biophysics in college and is an expert in the science behind working out. She shares a lot of full-body workouts so you can work on strength and cardio at the same time without leaving the house. Her intense high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts will spike your heart rate and give you a much-needed energy blast. 

Her 20 minute workout claims to workout your entire body without equipment and the added bonus is: there’s no sound! All you need is a little bit of space to do this workout and if you want to lay down a mat, you can, but it’s not required at all. This one is my favourite home workout of the bunch and quite honestly the perfect quarantine workout overall. It is easy to follow and puts your whole body to work instead of one specific region. It also challenges both your cardiorespiratory fitness and your musculoskeletal fitness, bringing about improvements to your heart, lungs, muscles, nervous system and pretty much everything else. I also do recommend changing your diet if you’re doing this workout program. With any program, if you don’t change your eating habits unless you eat super healthy, you probably won’t see many changes.


  Sarah’s Day Core & Ab Pilates Home Workout

Sarah’s Day is a YouTuber that prides herself on functional workouts, holistic medicine, real whole foods and being positive. On her YouTube channel, she posts workout videos, along with vlogs about healthy eating and her daily life.

I know pilates isn’t for everyone, but it’s such a great way to work your abs region while increasing your overall physical strength. Whether you’re new to Pilates and just want something to do, or you’re a total pro who lives and breathes reformers, Sarahs’s video is a great way to keep working from home. It might be a little bit boring for those into extreme HIIT sessions, but Pilates is a form of exercise that aims to develop flexibility, good posture, strength, and balance all at the same time. Three weeks after doing this video at least twice a week, I started seeing more definition in my abs region and, what was a first for me, my legs seemed more toned than they used to be.

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Written on: May 5, 2020