Photographer Jean-Claude Lussier
Fashion Editor Fritz

As one of the beautiful Canadian cover models for our 10th Anniversary special, Tyg discusses her life and international modelling career.

By Brenna Dixon

The alluring look and Tyg Davison’s particularly blues-like flair create the perfect cover image. The Vancouver native, whose charisma beams through ever so rock-romantically, graces the cover of our 10th Anniversary Issue.

Turn back the clock to last year and you will find Tyg on the set of our shoot entitled “Small Town Girl.” The series was shot by D. Picard, with whom she “fell in love with,” and was styled by Fritz. She states, “He styled me in things that suited my personality, I think that says a lot about a stylist.” She recalls the entire experience in a very positive light, adding that the Dress to Kill team was “just so talented and incredible.”

Having been introduced to her agency thanks to her aunt, she recalls thinking that modeling “wouldn’t go anywhere, but I was definitely open to giving it a shot.” With a love for fashion from a young age, she reminisces about “cutting up bed sheets and making hideous dresses for my mom, who graciously wore [them] around the house.” Her passion for expression had already begun, as she dabbled with fabric, photography, and “staging little shoots in our basement.”

Today, Tyg travels around the world. She describes the experience as being “absolutely life-changing. Getting the chance to work in an industry that I’ve always been so enamored with has been extraordinary.” – Her whirlwind experience doesn’t stop there. She shared one of her proudest moments with her sister, Elizabeth. The two walked the SS18 Jean Paul Couture show in one of her first seasons, which was in Paris! This extraordinary moment “has always been very special to me. It meant so much that Jean Paul brought me in and let us share that,” she explains. If that wasn’t exciting enough, she recalls one of her craziest experiences: “standing on a beach in Ibiza dressed head to toe in Louis Vuitton, shooting a cover with Elizabeth.”

When booked to shoot together with her sister, she   heartedly describes such moments as her “favourite ever – it’s so much fun and never feels like work.” On working together in the same industry, Tyg lovingly clarifies that “our looks are obviously so different – she’s a lot more confident and naturally more cool than I am. We balance one another out nicely. She’s my girl crush, always!” When the stars align on set, it’s short-lived, because Elizabeth usually returns to Europe. Tyg, currently residing in New York, confesses that she misses Canada and “the green, the sea, and breathing in the fresh air.

Besides being renowned for its immense natural beauty, Canada continues to progress rapidly in the fashion industry. Canada is a country with flourishing talents (including Tyg), who are making major waves at home and abroad. Her name falls smack dab on the list of Canadian fashion icons, and she reflects that there are “some seriously talented designers like Greta Constantine, Obakki, and VFranz doing amazing things.” Creativity, however, isn’t just limited to design, as she goes on to list “stylists like Fritz, and photographers like D. Picard, Liz Dungate, and Jean-Claude Lussier. Without a doubt, there are serious Canadian contenders in the fashion industry, and even more to come. Canada is so full of creative talent, and I think we’re proving that to the rest of the world more and more,” she says. She throws in that “we’re dripping [in] maple syrup glam.”

Dripping in �70s glam for our 10th Anniversary shoot, she describes her everyday style as a bit similar, but more a mix of “lingerie and menswear: the two make me feel like a cool sexy boss lady that can take on anything.” Besides her powerful look, she professed that “shoes are my weakness. If I can’t pull together a cute look, killer shoes help me out.”

From starting out by crafting mini shoots in her basement to her aspirations of working with Tim Walker, Tyg has definitely proven herself wrong in thinking that modeling wouldn’t go anywhere for her. Adorning the 10th Anniversary cover, she describes feeling “very honoured” and feels that “a Canadian publication choosing to put a Canadian on the cover is incredibly cool and so special.” Having shared such a meaningful moment with us on this issue, we asked about her future plans. “There are many, many people in the industry I’d love to work with. I’m just going to work hard, do my best, and cross my fingers. I’m lucky with what I’ve accomplished [so far], so whatever comes next is just going to be a surprise.” We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her.

Photographer Jean-Claude Lussier
Fashion Editor Fritz
Makeup & Hair Paco Puertas at FOLIO

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