UNIQLO is collaborating one more time with global fashion icon Ines de la Fressange to create a line that expresses her belief in designing comfortable clothing that reveals women’s beauty.

By Marie-Ève Venne 

The UQ X Ines Fall/Winter 2020 collection, that will be launched on August 27th in Canada, is the latest collection of the French icon for the brand and is inspired by people who symbolized women’s freedom and independence in the 1970s such as Jane Birkin, Ali MacGraw and Diane Keaton. For Ines, the ’70s were a very creative and happy moment for fashion. Over the last few years, she couldn’t help but notice that young people nowadays have a nostalgia for this decade, without knowing that this was a time from which new freedoms began to emerge.

The collection includes a lot of silk items that can be mixed with more casual clothes and worn even during the day. As Ines herself explains, some of the items may look nice with a slightly oversized silhouette. This is why she recommends people consider items in a slightly larger size than usual, to see how that looks and feels.

To learn a little bit more about Ines’ inspirations and to discover her vision of fashion during COVID times, we asked her a few questions before the launch of the collection. Playlist included.


What was the starting point of this new collection for Uniqlo? I found inspiration for this collection from several women whom I have long admired for symbolizing female independence and fashion in the 1970s. Among them are actress, songwriter, and model Jane Birkin and singer-songwriter Françoise Hardy. Back in the seventies, many women were determined to emancipate themselves from traditions. These liberated individuals took fashion and their lives in exciting new directions. 

What does Uniqlo represent for you? Before working for them, I was already a customer. I love their philosophy of making quality clothes that are not too expensive. Since forever, I have been convinced that one doesn’t need a lot to look good and that casual clothes can be very elegant. Today, we show, together, that such clothes can be trendy and wearable in all kinds of situations.


How do you keep it interesting after so many collections with the brand? Like my customers, I always have new desires. Even just looking at fabrics gives me ideas and, among all, exchanging ideas with Naoki Takizawa with whom I work also inspired me. We prepare mood boards on both of our sides and when we compare them,strangely enough, they are very similar. Also, being sincere and thinking about what women really need, and adding a touch of whim, is always important.

Which are personally your favourite pieces from the collection and why? I love the tweed jackets, velvet trousers and jacquard sweaters. I think these items are a good way to stay warm, yet elegant.



You have served as an inspiration to some of fashion’s greatest talents. Where do you find inspiration these days? Inspiration is not difficult, editing is! Just looking at vintage pictures of movies or stars and singers from the past gives the desire to make clothes. Sometimes there are items in the collection I like so much that I want them in all sorts of colors: choosing is hard.

What’s the one piece you always go to in your closet to feel put together? More or less, I always have the same sorts of items like a navy jacket , white pants or a men’s’ coat — only proportions, cuts and fabrics change but my real neurosis is navy blue sweaters. I can’t resist! (laughs)

What do you think is, essentially, the allure of the modern fashionable woman? Good ideas! If you are a fashion victim one can see it. If you just want to embellish yourself and feel confident too, what helps is to have few good items like a nice coat that you can mix with more casual items.

What do you think will be the impact of COVID-19 on everyone’s personal style and on the fashion industry in general? I do think people had enough time to see that they had many useless items at home and got rid of them. They also had time to think about their priorities and their lifestyle so I believe people will prefer to have less, to be more comfortable and have more time to see their friends and family, more time out of the office, and more casual items in their closet. Vanity and stress will be avoided, and fashion is always the mirror of the era.

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Written on: August 3, 2020