Stoned Love


With marijunana finally legalized in Canada, it seems like the whole weed culture is going through a rebranding. Hate it or love it, smoking weed is now perceived as banal as sipping a glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon.

Jumping on the bandwagon, VerdeVie aims to revolutionize the world of cannabis accessories thanks to its beautifully crafted and highly functional pieces. Seeking to empower its femal consumers with its blog space Stay Cultivated , they invite and encourage them to share their thoughts and experiences on cannabis.

For Valentine’s Day, they just launched a collection, available for a limited time only on their website. In an era where there’s no end to claims that weed enhances sex, Verde has you covered for your romantic night. Enjoy  Ladysuite Botanical Oil ($60.00), an intimate skin care product that helps hydrate, calm, and smooth the most sensitive skin, because everyone’s “lady parts” deserve some me time too; or take a romantic bath with a special someone with  Lifeflowercare Sativa bath bombs ($20.00), handcrafted with organic, lab-tested plant extract and essential oils.



If you are planning on going solo for the big V Day, Verde is also releasing limited edition custom Geopipes ($160.00-$170.00), created in partnership with  Stonedware    edged with 22k gold and featuring a combination of faceted sides because the cannabis-enthusiast in your life deserves the smoothest smoking experience.