Virgil Abloh SS 2020 

For his new Spring collection, Virgil Abloh tampers with convention, aiming to evolve the conversations around streetwear and modern fashion with the “meteor shower” motif.

By Luisa Tarantino

Drawing inspiration from nature, the Spring OFF-WHITE Collection interposes nature with a new aesthetic element – the beauty and chaos of extraterrestrial force. This is seen in the collection’s use of twisted and warped patterns, the joining of contrasting fabrics, and the interesting uses of draping and fusing. For Abloh, spring represents a transformation in context and space.

The motif is embodied in the introduction of the hero piece, the Meteor Shower Jitney. As a core OFF-WHITE product, the Jitney bag is transformed by the Meteor Shower motif. The bag stands apart with a graphic rendering of holes and craters formed by falling rock. Although the bag is not functional, it challenges the notion of what a bag really is. Abloh blurs the lines between categorization – whether the bag is a carrier or a decorative item, Abloh shows his prowess in multiple creative disciplines.

The collection further includes a collaboration with Paris-based industrial designers Roman and Erwan Bouroullec, who have experience in various medias, from jewelry to architecture. Their contribution in the collection is a linear print, resembling a mirrored slice of shale amplified beneath a microscope, to various pieces in the collection from shirts to overcoats to bags.

Giving power to women’s’ clothes, Abloh’s Spring collection is best described as he does so well himself:

“The fundamental concept is to illustrate a woman’s power. To show that her spirit is indestructible by natural forces. She can withstand a “meteor shower” both metaphorically and physically speaking.”

Written on: October 1, 2019