The new project of the super model is simply a stunning one.

I have a few obsessions in life and probably one of them includes having too many photos of the goddess that is Erin Wasson on a random Pinterest board. For my defense, she is the perfect mix between the boss babe and the cool girl that would probably kick your ass in a bar fight.

Me being a total creep aside, I’m bringing her up today to introduce you to her new fine jewelry line Wasson Fine. Even if its made with precious materials such as 14k gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and pearls, the overall look of the line is so laid back that you can wear it everyday without a special occasion.

Yes, the prices are on the expensive side (between $600 to $3200), but the spirit of the collection is all about being sustainable. Which means that you might have to burn your credit card after purchasing a few pieces, but you’re gonna keep them for the rest of your life.


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