We’ve all fallen victim to the lust of shoes. Whether it’s a sky-high heel or a structured oxford flat, there’s something magical about trying on the perfect pair of footwear that will completely transform your style. Yet, sometimes our shoes aren’t so kind to us, leaving our feet sore, scathed, and sweaty. While the sneaker trend has alleviated some of this pain, one Italian brand has consistently focused their innovated designs to craft shoes for all ages that promote well being without sacrificing style. This brand is Geox.

In recent months, Geox has shaken up the top level of their company with new hires from big-name luxury brands to reignite the footwear brand, incorporating some Italian flavour that is magnetic for consumers. Matteo Mascazzini, former COO of Gucci America, replaced Gregorio Borgo as CEO of Geox, and he brought in marketing officers from other Italian powerhouses like Roberto Cavalli and Ferragamo to transform the brand’s image from practical footwear found in your mom’s closet to innovative pieces that look like they’re straight off the Milanese runways.


The biggest recent change was the hiring of Ernesto Esposito as lead designer. Esposito’s experience dates back to the 70s when he started designing with Sergio Rossi. He then went onto Marc Jacobs and Fendi amongst others before he has found his place at Geox. Entering his second season with the brand, he is inspired to shift the designs in a more youthful and trend-focused direction, with hopes of conquering the American market.

Esposito’s influence can be witnessed by just walking into the new Geox concept stores, which are displaying shoes based on the flow of the collection and not by end use (i.e. heels, winter boots, flats etc.).

In Esposito’s second collection, he plans on unveiling various parts of the Fall/Winter over the next sixth months to truly capture and sustain the public’s attention. For the women, we can expect black and white themed looks complete with gold studs and detail on both sneakers and boots, complete with the signature Geox cap sole. As we move later into the fall, we see Esposito take the Italian footwear brand to a more luxurious feeling, using sleek materials such as patent leathers and suedes. The heels have been modernized, featuring colour blocking and updated heel forms, straying away from a classic stiletto or block heel and inventing something that looks completely new yet still carries a classic feel. For the winter months, the brand doesn’t shy away from standout colours or lavish materials; we’re seeing deep blues, forest greens, fur, and leather. But it wouldn’t be Geox without the practicality; each of these shoes still has the signature outer sole protective technology that acts as a membrane for any Geox shoe. That’s right; these kicks are made to withstand the unpredictable weather of Canadian winters.

Also be on the lookout for the Geox holiday collection, which will introduce new silhouettes and new materials that add festivity to their offerings.

The standouts of their FW18 collection come from the men’s selection. Geox has taken the basic DNA of their famous technology and updated it with larger perforations, increasing the breathability from limited to just the sole to now a 360-degree experience.

And it doesn’t stop there: Esposito has created dress shoes to deliver a grander experience for customers seeking a high-end shoe. The dress collection comes in gorgeous cognacs, chocolate browns and the classic blacks, elevated with sleek boxes and protective slipcovers to ensure the luxury of the shoes is just as prominent as the waterproof technology of the leather outer sole.

It wouldn’t be Geox if it wasn’t a family affair. Inspired by the mini-me trends that clutter your Instagram feed, Esposito has taken inspiration from both the men’s and women’s collections in order to create similar styles with a youthful twist. The most exciting product, though, is one that will arrive just in time for the back to school rush. It combines technology, lights, and sneakers to create an interactive experience that your kid will love. If only they had them in adult sizes too.

While we can’t show you much of the collection (it doesn’t hit stores until August, and will roll out progressively until December), we can tell you that the Geox Fall Winter 2018 collection truly has taken the brand in a new and exciting direction. You can see that the corporate changes have brought the company’s focus back to its founding purpose: to create stylish shoes for families to wear that improves their well-being. The designs marry the luxury backgrounds of the company’s executives with the signature wearable innovation that makes Geox the brand it is today.

With style, comfort and innovation at the forefront of Geox designs, we can’t wait to rock some new shoes this fall.


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