SHAN X Marie Saint Pierre: Luxury Techno-Poolwear

Canadian luxe designer Marie Saint Pierre and SHAN collaborate on an avant-garde extravagant capsule collection.


The Montreal-based designer Marie Saint Pierre is esteemed for her avant-garde vision and progressive designs. As one of Canada’s first luxury houses, she celebrated 30 years of business in 2017 and is renowned for being a pillar in the Canadian Fashion Industry. Recognized as a fashion pioneer in Canada, it is of no surprise that she recently added to her accolades a CAFA award for Womenswear of the Year 2018.

Marie Saint Pierre’s designs are renowned for their elegant tension and artful contradiction illuminating an exquisite dance between power-dressing and sculptural art. The highly-imaginative designer amalgamates a plethora of creative outlets from technology and diverse art forms with style and expression, channelling luxurious fabrics and ultimately inventing new silhouettes.

As a visionary, Marie Saint Pierre has successfully evolved her brand, and today the maison has evolved into a team of over 60 people with collections available in flagship boutiques located in Montreal and Miami, in specialized RTW shops, and available online.

As an individual on the cusp of modernity, yet simultaneously honouring tradition, Marie Saint Pierre recently announced announced the first capsule collection of luxury techno-poolwear with SHAN. The collection was born out of вЂ?love at first sight’ between Chantal Lévesque, founder of SHAN and Marie Saint Pierre, who together share an extreme appreciation of high-quality fabrics with unique technical properties flattered by a dateless aesthetic. “I have always believed in sharing knowledge and the art of collaboration,” said Levesque for the official press release. SHAN, founded in 1985, retails internationally, specializing in the creation of high-end swimwear prided on being ‘Made in Canada’: manufactured in Laval, just outside of Montreal. Sourced from the finest Italian fabrics, SHAN’s quality is paramount to the essence of the brand which is crafted to perfection right down to the very last detail.

The SHAN-MSP Capsule Collection is a ready-to-wear swimwear hybrid that encompasses 35 interchangeable pieces balancing luxury and technical elements. “It is also a response to a new lifestyle, more and more focused on experience, all of which is anchored in quality and timelessness,” stated Marie Saint Pierre. The collection highlights local craftsmanship with an international scope maximizing the dexterity of both brands: SHAN for heightened technological applicability and Marie Saint Pierre for her chic and contemporary trademark.

As the best of two worlds collide, the key pieces featured are jewel encrusted and delicate ruffle detailing on bikini’s and kaftan’s offset by more elegant and timeless pieces. The capsule encompasses luxury and elegance; two fundamental qualities found at the core of both Maison’s DNA. Aiming to lengthen moments of relaxation, whether you’re by the pool or headed for seaside bliss, the SHAN-MSP collaboration taps into our luxurious senses from mesmerizing adornment to deluxe fabrics and designs.


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