YouTube Makeup

There is something soul soothing about watching makeup tutorials. Maybe it’s listening to the lull of a soft voice, or the precision and focus, the slowness and attention to detail. Whatever it is, following someone’s process and the creation of their “beat” puts me at ease. If you’re like me, and find relaxation in makeup application, then you will love these five beauty vloggers.

—By Reilly Severin
Photography Val Boulet
Make up Michael Goyette


Gina Shkeda

Gina Shkeda is a Toronto based beauty YouTuber. Shkeda has a background in film, and it shows. Her videos are artful, creative, and aesthetically pleasing. It is so satisfying to watch a tutorial that combines makeup with an imaginative form of cinematography. I love watching her videos because she seems like a girl that I could be friends with. She’s very down to earth, a little self-patronizing, and she’s honest. She always gives real feedback on different products that she tries, which is why I love getting product recommendations from her. Gina has struggled with acne, and documents her skincare routine, and her journey with Accutane. I appreciate how real she is, and how she doesn’t present herself as an unattainable image of perfection. Gina does a variety of very wearable looks such as the boy beat, glowy skin, and an interpretation of the 90’s supermodel look. This glass skin tutorial is one of my favourites, as nobody does glass skin better than her.

Hung Vanngo

Hung Vanngo is a professional makeup artist that has worked for Marc Jacobs, Estee Lauder, Victoria’s Secret, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and the list goes on… Hung, a Vietnamese Canadian, launched his YouTube channel in August 2020. His first tutorial was a glowy look on Emily Ratjakowski. Hung always starts by emphasizing the importance of prepping the skin with hydrating products. A true perfectionist, Hung takes his time explaining each step in detail. The looks he creates are awe-worthy, and they are fantastically beautiful. It is so amazing to get access to the knowledge of a true professional. Hung’s soft voice lulls me into the sweetest state of relaxation.

Rach Tee Tyler

Rach Tee Tyler has an infectious energy, and bubbliness that comes across even on camera. I love her videos because they seem wholly unorganized, and her process of creating a “look” seems completely intuitive. This is so refreshing because it mimics the way I feel when I sit down to do my makeup: I don’t know where I’m going – I’m just doing what feels right in the moment. I love her videos where she tests fan’s favourite drugstore products. It’s great to have a review on what drugstore products are worth it, and which ones aren’t. Rach’s mix of low and high-end products allows for her looks to be easily recreated without breaking the bank.

Sonjdra Deluxe

If you want to learn how to create super snatched makeup looks, then Sonjdra Deluxe is the go- to. This Canadian YouTuber elevates makeup to the next level: lifted, sculpted, and expertly contoured. Often, at the beginning of her video’s she takes viewers through her skincare routine, and product recommendations. I love the unified approach of skin prep and makeup. Her looks are fit for an Instagram baddie: a whole mood for the moment. Sonjdra’s tutorials range from super bold going out looks, to ones that are more subdued and natural. I love Sonjdra! She is so unexpectedly down to earth, and unabashedly herself. When I watch her videos, I feel like I’m pulling up a chair and hanging out with her. It makes me want to be her friend.

Andreea Ali

Andreea Ali is a makeup artist based out of Paris. Her looks are romantic, elegant, and timeless. She has been one of my favourite YouTubers for a long time. One of her most popular tutorials is “Makeup Mistakes to Avoid”, where she breaks down common application mistakes. Andreea thoroughly explains and demonstrates proper techniques and placements. Through her I gain the knowledge that elevates even my most basic looks. Andreea uses high end, “dream” products, and there is an overarching feeling of luxury in her branding. Plus, she’s in her thirties living in Paris. What could be more glamorous than that?

Written on: January 6, 2020