YSL Beauty to Release

Available as of mid-january, YSL Beauty will be releasing the PURE SHOTS Range, a line focusing on problem-solving, customized skincare solutions. 

By Luisa Tarantino

Including in the line are a series of serums, creams, and lotions serving different purposes, all targeted towards a range of skincare concerns, from smoothing skin and fine lines to radiant, bouncy skin and hydration. The line comprises the Night Reboot Serum, the Lines Away Serum, the Light Up Serum, Y Shape Serum, Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion, and the Perfect Plumper Cream. With a focus on scientific research and proven results, YSL created a Scientific Advisory board of dermatologists to ensure the best possible ingredients and formulas, shifting the focus in skincare to a woman’s lifestyle and how it affects her skin.

Even more, YSL is advertising the line as sustainable, having eco-designed packaging allowing the creams and serums to be recharged repeatedly to reduce environmental impact. The Pure Shots bottle itself can accommodate all four serums so that they can be switched within the same packaging, with the lotion being recyclable as well. The packaging comes nonetheless in a luxurious, iconic YSL bottle, and is perfect for everyday travel – the YSL Pure Shots is cool, convenient, and sustainable.

Product info is listed below!

  • Essence in Lotion – $60
  • Serums – $120
    • Night Reboot Serum
    • Light up Serum
    • Lines Away Serum
    • Y Shape Serum
  • Serum recharge – $95
  • Cream – $135
  • Cream Recharge $108ysl

You can purchase the PURE SHOTS line on yslbeauty.ca 


Written on: January 10, 2020