Citing the late ’70s hit soap opera Number 96 as the source of inspiration, creative director Nicky Zimmermann fuelled her latest collection with the era of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Looking back at her hometown of Sydney, which went through a transformational period during the 1970s, the Aussie designer has created a line of blouson sleeve dresses and luxed-up track pants for next summer.

“For Spring, we used the backdrop of a television soap that was on in Australia in the late ’70s called Number 96. It was naughty and irreverent and hilarious. It was even more appealing to me because as a really young kid I definitely wasn’t allowed to watch it! It was set in an apartment block of four in Paddington in the inner city of Sydney and explored storylines that were considered taboo at the time – sex, adultery, drugs, and homosexuality. When we were researching, we found this great quote from the series launch campaign – ‘Tonight at 8:30 television loses its virginity,’” the designer said in a statement.

Number 96 was similar to the American Days of Our Lives, full of shoulder pads; huge fur coats; tight, sexy dresses; and an abundance of hair. While the soap was very campy, the collection was a parade of sophisticated, breezy silhouettes in bright whites, bold colours, and juxtaposed prints. The gold and brown tones were a welcomed change from the brand’s stereotypical sorbet colour palette, staying true to the seventies glamour homage.

Zimmermann’s display took the show’s – and 70s’ – bold exploration of sex and sensuality to heart. The clothes were just as unapologetically sexy: a powerful parade of free-spirited vixens looking flawless in everything from polished white midis to disco-age tracksuits to red hot pants straight out of Farrah Fawcett’s closet.

The brand certainly knows how to shine during fashion week. The flair of fun-infused fashion never ceases to impress the loyal following of fans that have amassed worldwide since the company launched in 1991. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these dresses – thanks to Zimmermann, our ’70s nostalgia is at an all-time high.







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